2021 Recap: The Philanthropic Work of Mahmoud Khattab

In today’s world, those who achieve success often give back. This is true of Mahmoud Khattab, CEO of Precision M.D. in California. Whether contributing to the fight against cancer, helping refugees who have had to abandon their homelands, or other efforts to make the world a better place, Mahmoud Khattab says he is changing lives for the better.

In fact, Mahmoud Khattab says he was born to serve. “My whole family is interested in medicine,” he says. “I have two sisters. Both are doctors. My oldest brother is a doctor, too. I’m the youngest in the family. Everybody in the family is a doctor. We have medicine in our genes.”

A Personal Fight Against Cancer

For Mahmoud Khattab, the fight against cancer is very personal. Having lost his mother to the disease, he’s been a leading philanthropist helping find new treatments. Through his work with the American Cancer Society and other organizations, Mahmoud Khattab has been a strong proponent of cancer research and helping cancer patients and their families as much as possible.

The Desire to Serve Others

Mahmoud Khattab entered the medical profession in part due to his desire to serve others, especially those who were disadvantaged. He’s looked for new and innovative ways to help others who need access to health care . In his current role as CEO of Precision M.D., Mahmoud Khattab and the staff at Precision MD in Elk Grove, California, strive to help others look and feel better through cosmetic surgery treatments. Through various surgical and nonsurgical procedures such as contouring, chemical peels, and laser hair removal, Precision M.D. has established itself as a trusted and reputable medical clinic.

“There’s always something new in cosmetic surgery,” he says. “I like technology. I like lasers. I like new science. It’s interesting. It’s a very exciting field of medicine. If you like technology, there’s always new stuff.”

Aiding Syrian Refugees

Mahmoud Khattab has also been one of the most prominent individuals involved in helping Syrian refugees over the past decade. “I grew up in Damascus,” he says. “I went to the biggest medical school in Syria.” As civil war raged in the country, millions of refugees were forced to flee their homes to survive. Along the way, they encountered mass relocations and other difficult circumstances. Determined to help in any way, Mahmoud Khattab has worked with charity boards associated with this situation, including the Syrian American Council, United for a Free Syria, and the Syrian Emergency Task Force. In his role as chairman of the Syrian American Council, Mahmoud Khattab has been instrumental in bringing people together in hopes of finding solutions to the many problems facing Syria and its refugees. Since Syria is home to many different cultural, ethnic, and religious groups, this has been no small undertaking.

Transitioning from Medicine to Politics

Passionate about addressing injustices, Mahmoud Khattab has worked one-on-one with Syrian refugees and lobbied senators in Washington, D.C., for help in bringing this conflict to a peaceful end. Mahmoud Khattab continues to believe the future in Syria looks bright. By emphasizing unification and equal rights, he feels a new way of thinking can thrive in Syria and other parts of the world. Through his work coalescing various Syrian American groups and spreading a message of hope that comes through hard work, Mahmoud Khattab says he believes common sense, good judgment, and compassion will ultimately prevail.

Whether it’s through his philanthropic endeavors, his commitment to Precision M.D., or his continuing work to bring peace to Syria and help its refugees, Mahmoud Khattab says he won’t stop at changing lives for the better.

Being the Best CEO Possible, According to Mahmoud Khattab

Mahmoud Khattab knows a thing or two about being a good leader. The Precision M.D. CEO says beginning in 2011, he built his private practice from the ground up growing it from just a handful of employees to nearly 20 to date.

“I have my own vision, how to expand business, and how to put my special ideas to the business,” he confides.

Mahmoud Khattab says good executive leaders guarantee an organization has efficient levels of communication. This can involve internal staff communication as well as contact with customers. Employee communication is important, he adds, but how those people communicate with consumers is even more critical to the company’s health and well-being.

As Mahmoud Khattab says, “A company’s ideals are frequently shaped by its leadership.” Serious leaders with strong principles assist businesses by making the entire organization stronger. Employees are more inclined to go along with the firm’s vision if they think their leaders have a clear vision of where the company is going.

When leaders communicate effectively, workers and consumers feel more comfortable connecting. This not only gets more done, but it makes everyone feel heard, valued, and secure.

One of the areas of leadership Mahmoud Khattab is particularly interested in is the provision of resources to enable people to perform at their highest levels. If there are employees who are struggling and the company’s leadership does nothing to aid them, everyone stands to lose. When it comes to ensuring workers have all they require to perform effectively, leadership is the first line of defense.

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