Being single or in a relationship: what is more pleasing?

If you are not sure whether starting a new relationship is what you need – this article will definitely be helpful. Since there is, for sure, nothing wrong with the fact that you enjoy life as single – the advantages of being in a couple with someone should also be discussed. If you compare the things we write here and make your personal list of pros and cons – the final decision will be apparent. You just need to think carefully and decide for yourself.

The professionals of are ready to share their knowledge. The rest is, of course, entirely up to you.


Imagine the freedom you can enjoy as a single. On the one hand, you never have stress in the morning (the matter of time in the bathroom and breakfast). It’s often different in a relationship, as you probably know. You can also go partying whenever you like – you can flirt and kiss other women if you feel it is what you need.

But, on the other hand, your house remains empty. For some people, it involves too much privacy.

Financial questions

As a single, you can decide what to do with the money you earn without asking someone else. If you like, you buy yourself designer clothes or spend vacations in expensive hotels.

In a relationship, things are very different. As a married couple, for example, you need to make financial plans, in most cases, for the shared budget. Also, don’t forget that certain expenses, such as leisure activities, have a double end price for couples.


If you spend your nights alone as a single, there is another benefit. You have a lot of room in bed for yourself only. Here, too, the question of single or relationship arises when it comes to solving sleeping issues. There may be problems in a relationship because you cannot sleep when the partner snores. As a single, things are different. But, at the same time, isn’t it amazing to wake up next to a person you love? To cuddle in the morning or even have sex?


When you are single, no one is going to eat your favorite cake or drink out your best wine. You can, generally, eat and cook what you want. Still, being in a relationship offers other benefits. For example, when you come exhausted after a long working day, a warm dinner will be waiting for you. It is even better if you have the same preferences in food: simply buy the double portion of everything you like.

Chaos or cleanliness?

If you are a tidy person, you will find it easier to maintain a neat environment in your house as a single person. In fact, when a partner is absolutely chaotic (neither tidies up nor cleans) – having a relationship looks all the more difficult. If you loathe chaos – things can look different, though.

Here, too, of course, the decisive factor is what you two prefer. Two mess-lovers go together, so are two cleanliness fans. Just make sure you and your loved one enjoy the same things.


Of course, as a single, you can have sex – we don’t say it is impossible. But this is mostly about one-night stands. Physical closeness could be found in bars, parties, and the Internet. Still, it is not always as good as it should be.

If you’re more of a person who prefers monogamy, being in a relationship will satisfy your needs better. If you have no problem trying new things and positions from time to time, sex will remain exciting and adventurous too.