What you need to know about GMR’S NFLs


So, by now you’re probably familiar with NFTs or at least you’ve heard of them! But what are NFLs? Created by GMR they are their very own representative in the form of what’s known as a ‘Leet’. Hence the term NFL (Non-Fungible Leets), as opposed to NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens). GMR have taken the NFT game one step further, introducing their Leet characters designed with unique characteristics and features in order to be used within gameplay.

The story of Leet

GMR’s character Leet has an interesting backstory, created by the team.

Leet is a robot from Mars, created by an alien species of extremely intelligent and advanced humanoids. It’s Leet that allowed the human race to evolve from the earliest mammals, and he’s back and ready to embrace humankind and support us in our future evolution.

The Launch of NFLs

The CEO of GMR announced the release of 10,000 battle-ready NFLs. These are randomly generated NFTs ready for those in the gaming community to buy. With some being rarer than others and all having their own unique features, these NFLs are GMR’s take on NFTs. The original minters can expect to receive a 5% royalty on all future sales of their NFL! When ready to launch their game, GMR have made it possible for these NFLs to be used within gameplay. All sold at the same price (0.45 BNB), it’s somewhat of a lucky dip as to which type of Leet you will receive! Overtime, expect your new Leet to increase in value too.

The different classes of Leets

Categorised into 5 categories making it easy to distinguish each NFLs’ rarity. Here are the different categories, starting with the most common, or least rare:

  • Service Units – Service units are the most common of the NFLs and are pictured in their dusty grey exterior. A representation of hard work and perseverance.
  • Automatons – In their regal blue exterior, automatons are of a slightly higher class than those service units.
  • Sentients – With only 88 out of 10,000, Sentiments can be spotted easily, shining in their white polished exterior.
  • Leets – As the second most rare of the NFLs, leets are recognised by their golden yellow exterior, these are true leaders in battle.
  • Eleets – With only 9 available, Eleets are the rarest of all the NFLs. The most battle-hardened of the Leets.

As GMR continues to grow and develop as an organisation and more and more people become aware of the GMR token as well as their NFLs, those with their hands on one or more of the 10,000 NFLs will see their investment appear very attractive to others. Chances are by holding onto one of these Leets long term, will offer some the opportunity to be able to earn back what they spent or potentially make even more! Welcome to the world of NFTs.

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