Ramsgate Business Turns Upcycling To Another Level

They are a small Artisan based in Thanet Kent, a peninsula at the most easterly point of Kent, England. Visit their retro lighting selection for the best in unique or custom handmade pieces. 100% recycled and repurposed lighting.

Thanet Retro Lighting announced its based business turning upcycling to another level with different kinds of handmade and special’s. Thanet Retro lightning lamps have many designs ranging from top-quality touches to old-fashioned to handmade lamps.

They make smart and stylish lighting with a bold colour choice’s that sits well in modern interior and traditional contemporary. Their collections of retro lighting are nothing but creativity, recreation, and updating trends to match the demanding society. 

Thanet retro lighting will certainly influence feature design and the latest production of retro lighting. Their lamp design’s are full of character, stylish, and charming. Thanet Retro Lighting brings you the best home lighting design that can’t be found anywhere in a any light store. 

Their lighting price happens to be the best in Kent, England, with high-quality products made from quality lighting materials to satisfy customers with high taste upcycling.


You can select from their unique handmade ranges of traditional period lighting or their modern period lighting ranges. Alternatively, you can use their customized lights to meet your requirements. Thanet Retro lighting lights can be adapted to your style of design. 

What makes them unique is their professional, friendly attitudes towards their customers. They have dedicated and experienced staff who will take their time to discuss your requirements and offer varieties of quality retro lighting productions. If you are searching for the best retro lighting revolution in the UK, you are in the right place.

Enjoy the future of upcycled and repurposed light design;

Thanet Retro Lighting – Facebook – Etsy



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