Ride sharing and delivery service, Krooz, aims to give customers and drivers the most benefits

The UK’s ride sharing and delivery service, Krooz, has announced their platform with features that promise to be highly beneficial to drivers and customers. It’s aimed at people who want something more and interesting, and are tired of the services currently offered by ride sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft.
Krooz offers a better service than its competitors with their latest advancement in technology and a creative marketing strategy. Their system offers numerous customer benefits and ensures increased safety and higher revenue for drivers.
Simply download Krooz from the Google Play Store for Android phones and Apple Store for iOS iPhone users if you want to start using it. Some of the offerings on the platform include ride sharing, food delivery, and hot-shot package services.
Uber and Lyft users and drivers are subject to unfair conditions that cause more stress than comfort. Krooz on the other hand provides a service that’s rich in features, guarantees an enjoyable ride and is designed to provide users with maximum satisfaction.
Krooz is packed with innovative security features that make it the most attractive option in the ride sharing industry. These features include safe ride, TAG favorite driver, SOS panic button, friends and family follow ride, stop and wait, and more.
Unlike Uber and Lyft which offer drivers 57.25% and 68% respectively, Krooz drivers will earn 85% per ride fare and delivery fee, with the money paid directly to the driver’s ACH bank account. And, there’s more, Krooz also shares 20% of its annual profit with its drivers as compensation for being a responsible stakeholder in their establishment. Additionally, drivers get 100% of the tip paid without any fee deduction. So, Krooz drivers are in for exciting opportunities and increased earnings that will make them happy.
There are the different transportation options offered such as bike, regular economy vehicle, SUV, and VIP vehicles so that customers have options for their transportation needs. Krooz remains committed to offering quality ride sharing and delivery services with innovation that makes life better and improves the experience of riders and drivers.
Krooz is now hiring TNC drivers’ and also accepting ride, food delivery, and hot shot packages delivery requests. Download the KROOZ customer and KROOZ Driver APPS from Google Play Store and Apple Store to experience KROOZ’s unique service.
Ride sharing and delivery company, Krooz, is determined to revolutionize the industry with innovative technology and customer service. They beat offerings from major competitors due to their unique plan. Krooz hopes to remain committed to their goal and improve their services for the benefit of drivers and riders. 

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