The Benefits of Using Biometrics in The Workplace

Utilising biometric technology in the workplace might have been reserved for the military and MI5 in years gone by, but today, all businesses can take advantage of it and benefit from the advanced security it can offer.

It’s no longer the case that security cards and passcodes are enough to keep office buildings secure and there is much more advanced technology out there that can be used. An example of this is the MSite fingerprint reader that can limit site access to those who need it to those with stored biometric profiles.

With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know what’s best for your company and which of the benefits offered by biometrics will be best for your business in particular. Here are just a few of the benefits of this advanced technology that may help you make the decision of which to use in your workplace.

Increased Security

The first plus is no doubt the one that many will think of first. Using biometric recognition technology to help secure your offices will mean you are only allowing site access to those who need it. This is made possible by fingerprint scanners or facial recognition technology that can quickly and easily identify employees, without them having to rely on remembering a security fob or password to gain entry into their workplace.

Cyber Security

It’s also possible to increase security on office computers as well by implementing multi-factor authentication. Multi-factor authentication is when a system user must provide at least two forms of identification or evidence in order to prove their identity. By doing this, they will then be able to gain access to the app, computer, system or digital resource much more securely than with just the one method of verification. This system is used more and more now as it helps to ensure that people are who they say they are, protecting digital systems and information against hackers and cyber criminals.

By putting multi-factor authentication in place,  this will allow for biometrics to protect and secure your digital assets as well as your physical ones, such as your buildings and the contents contained within them.

Reducing Administrative Costs

It may seem like a large expense to be paying out in one go, however, you will find that, after the initial setup costs, installing biometric technology will actually save you time and money in the long run. An example of this is that an employee can be set up with fingerprint recognition very quickly and easily, incurring minimal costs. On top of this, employees will never have to waste time resetting their passwords or awaiting replacement passcards if theirs have been lost – another negative of traditional security measures that leaves your business open to opportunists.

Another plus to setting up your business with biometric technology is that it is not just security where you can save your company time and money, biometrics can help improve other areas of your business as well. An example of this is for any payments taken from staff, on-site, during the working day. This could be during lunch hours, in the staff dining areas. Employees want to get the most out of their lunch breaks and head back to work feeling refreshed, energised and ready for the afternoon’s workload but if their beneficial lunchtime is hampered by slow or cumbersome catering, this can be adversely affected. However, by introducing biometric cashless methods of payment in staff break areas, you can help ensure fast and efficient lunchtime operations. Not only this but it can encourage staff members to get a good daily meal, without wasting their break standing in a queue, which will, in turn, help to keep their energy levels up and to make sure that they’re well looked after in their place of work.

Monitor and Maintain Attendance Accurately

By using a more reliable method of recording attendance, work hours can be accurately maintained, reducing the amount of disputes over work hours. This will be a welcome addition for your HR Department who will have access to accurate data that can protect both the employee and the employer.

Accurate Audit Trails

Biometrics can’t be used by anyone else, so you can be sure that you hold an accurate account of employees. This is especially important during an emergency or security incident, so that employers can know exactly who was where. This information can also be used to help settle any office disputes as no one can use somebody else’s biometric information, which will help to reduce any confusion.

Biometric Future-proofing

Biometric technology is constantly improving and, as such, is being used more and more in people’s homes, as well as in the workplace. With this in mind, it’s essential that businesses stay ahead of the curve by implementing biometric technology in their workplaces. Not only will you see daily benefits in convenience and by increased efficiency and security, but biometric installation will also mean that your company will not get left behind. It’s key to keep your security measures up to date and not to let something that will soon be commonplace in offices everywhere, pass you by. If you act now, you can be sure that you create a workplace environment that is fit-for-purpose and future-proofed for many years to come.

There are so many reasons why implementing biometric technology in your workplace is an important move, including the fact that it will save you time and money in the long run. There’s no time to waste – start looking into the options available to your business today so that you can be sure your business, and your employees, are protected in the future.