Preparing Your Team for an Office Move

When planning to relocate your office, you need to prepare your office team. They need to know why you are moving, have enough moving time, and make sure you have involved professionals.

But preparing the team is not an easy task. This is because some might not like the idea. Therefore, you need to be reasonable, understand their obstructions, and make sure you do it right. For example, you need to mind their families, developments, and other things they love.

Below are 8 tips on how to prepare your team for an office move

  1. Provide the details of the move

One way to ensure the team is ready for an office move is by giving them details. Every member of your team needs to know why the office is relocating. Let them know the details whether you are moving to your building or relocating to a bigger office.

You can have an office meeting to explain the details to your employees. Here, you will give them space to ask questions about the move. Make sure you explain everything including how the company and the employees will be affected.

  1. Send the office move notice

 After meeting your team, the next step is to announce to everyone through a notice. A written notice is essential no matter how big your company is. However, it should be brief and straight to the point. Make sure you send it via office emails to everyone affected by the move.

  1. Involve the team

After communicating the planned move to the employees, the next step is to involve them. Let them know the roles they need to play. For example, they need to pack their office belongings before office movers arrive.

  1. Give them enough time

It is vital to set enough time for the move. Do not rush your employees. Therefore, engage them and make sure they have enough time to pack and settle their things. For instance, if you are moving to a different area, give them time to plan their personal lives.

  1. The team should visit the new office before moving

Before moving your office, it is good to visit the new office with your team. This will ensure they are familiar with the new place and a strategy to prepare them mentally. You will also measure their reactions.

Let them ask questions, give ideas, and engage them thoroughly about moving to the new office. By seeing you are open to them, they will also be honest with you. Allowing the team to visit the new office is also important to the IT team. They need to know the best room for the server.

  1. Get ready for relocation

When planning to move your office, you need to ensure every department is ready. It is also an excellent opportunity to get rid of old and unwanted office equipment. So, if you have old electronics, pieces of furniture, computers, and other items, it is a good time to dispose of them.

Then make sure you start packing as early as you can. Remember, moving an office is different from a house move. There are so many sensitive documents in an office. Therefore, the process should be well handled.

You can sell things to employees or post them online for things you do not want. You can also choose to donate to others. But if you are going to throw away some things, make sure it is done correctly.

  1. Assign the team some tasks

Whether you have hired commercial movers or you want to handle things by yourself, it is a good idea to assign your team some tasks. Keep in mind they know the organization better than anyone else.

Moreover, the employees will know they are vital to the company. Hence, involve them fully when packing, moving, and rearranging the new office.

  1. Hire a professional moving company

Relocating an office is not an easy task. You need to plan in advance, dismantle large furniture, pack valuable items, sort out the items, and move large office equipment. A good option is to hire a professional moving company.

By hiring movers, you will be assured that the moving process will be handled skillfully. Movers such as NYC office movers understand the sensitivity of moving an office. Moreover, they are well-skilled, better equipped, and trained to handle both home and office moves.

However, it is crucial to research more about the company before hiring them. Please make sure they are trustworthy by visiting their website. Make sure you go through customer feedback and comments to ensure the company is a reliable one.


Moving office equipment is not a simple process. It is a process that may take weeks or months, depending on the size of your company. However, with good planning and engaging professionals, you can have a smooth relocation process.

After fruitfully relocating your office, celebrate with your team. It would help if you thanked them for making the process a success. You can have some drinks, have a small party, or give them some days off.

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