6 things to know before posting a yard sale sign online

Here are 6 things to know before posting a yard sale sign online:

1. Know the laws where you live

Each country has different yard sale laws including yard sale times, yard sale days, yard sale permits and more so be sure to know your rules before posting online!  If you violate any of these laws it is usually punishable by fine.  Although posters don’t get fined for allowing yard sales without a permit in some areas, having one will ensure that there are no conflicts with the law (i.e.: no parking signs)

2. Be conscious of where you post your yard sale sign(s)

Try not to place your yard sale icon on public property such as city streets which would make it illegal.  Posting yards sales on private property can not only be dangerous if the yard of the residence is not secure, but yard sales on private property usually don’t get as much traffic and yard sale postings with little to no visitors or interest can prove quite disappointing.  Avoid all of this by placing yard sale icon(s) on public sidewalks where people are free to park their cars without hindrances!

3. Create yard sale posts that get attention

There are three golden rules when it comes to getting people’s attention: 1) Post pictures – Adding images make your yard sale pop and will grab peoples’ attention more than just words alone; 2) State a date and time – People want specific dates and times so they know when to come 😉 Be inviting – Make your yard sale signs inviting by stating you have a great yard sale with great items, so people will want to attend!  Be sure to create yard sale posts that follow all three of these yard sale rules on yard saling app Snail Sale and watch your yard sales get more interest from potential buyers!

4. Manage your yard sale posts/events

Snail Sale allows yard salers to change or delete their yard sales at any time making it easy for users to manage the events they post online.  If a user wants to change the date and time of their yard sale event after posting it, they simply need to select “Edit” next to the yard sale post which takes them directly into their yard sale post information page where they can edit yard sale information including yard sale date and time.  It is just that easy!

5. Use yard saling apps in conjunction with yard sale signs

Some people have different yard sale strategies when it comes to yard sales.  Whether they post online or put up physical yard sale signs, some also use yard saling apps for the convenience of being able to set dates and times for their yard sales before setting out yard sale icons at their yard sales locations so potential buyers are able to find them more easily on these applications.   (Make sure you read #1 above)  People like using applications like Snail Sale because of the convenience factor of organizing all aspects of their yards sales into one place, no matter what yard sale strategy they currently have.  Some yard salers are using yard saling apps because of the ability to connect with buyers, generate more interest in their yard sales before even setting out yard sale signs and for having a safe yard sale experience without ever leaving home!

6. Decide whether you want cash or credit at your yard sales

People have different yard sale strategies when it comes to taking payments for items sold at their yard sales.  Some people sell their items “cash only” at yard sales while others just take card, some take cash and cards, etc.  It is up to you decide if you want cash or credit/cards at your yard sale event but make sure any postings are clear about what yard salers can expect to pay at your yard sales.  If you are using yard saling apps, users can select their preferred yard sale payment method when posting yard sales on these applications!


Yard sale yard salers had been using yard sale signs on streets and sidewalks for years as a way of advertising their yard sales to potential buyers but times have changed!  Yard saling apps like Snail Sale comes into the picture and allows yard sellers to skip putting up physical yard sale post or having yard sale signs on public property because it is not only illegal but dangerous!  Users are able to organize their yards sales in one place without ever worrying about missing any interested parties because these applications send out alerts when users get new messages that may be important, etc.