8 Compelling Benefits of Renting a Generator

On average, US residents experienced around eight energy outages in 2020. In a world dependent on power, that’s too much!

Fortunately, there is a solution. Owning or renting a generator can provide you with the backup you need if the power goes out because it can keep everything running. This prevents interruptions to work, life, and everything else!

Here are all of the reasons it’s a good idea to rent a generator.

1. Renting Is Cheaper Than Buying

If you can’t afford a power generator but really need one, renting is often cheaper than buying. For a $1500 square foot home alone, you can expect to pay up to $4500 — imagine the cost to heat a bigger building!

Renting means you can experience the same benefits but without that hefty upfront cost. If you’re on a budget or would simply rather spread out that payment (and ultimately pay less), it’s the ideal.

2. Flexibility

Renting a generator gives you more flexibility. There are plenty of sizes available, depending on the space you need to power, and if you ever need to change the generator then it’s much easier to do so if you rented rather than bought.

For example, what if you move to a bigger location? What if the generator you chose doesn’t turn out to be big enough? What if there’s another issue with it and you want to change it?

If you buy a generator, you’re stuck unless you sell it. Renting offers more options.

3. Preparing for Disasters

Power outages most often happen when there’s bad weather in the area. There may be storms rolling in, or you may even live in a place where there’s an impending natural disaster like a hurricane.

Renting a generator means you’re prepared for these in the event that you end up with no power. You can sometimes rent one on short notice or, as hurricane season approaches, you can choose to just have one for the season.

It’s less commitment, but it’s an essential thing when dealing with the damage that some weather can bring.

4. Well-Maintained

When you rent a power generator, chances are, you don’t have to worry about maintenance. The company who is renting to you should have the generator in great condition and should be able to keep it that way.

When you buy one, you need to worry about keeping it safe and secure. For someone who isn’t experienced with power generators, this can be a daunting task and you may not be entirely sure how to go about it.

Make sure you ask the company all of the questions you need to know about how to take care of it, but they’ll start you off on a good foot.

5. Insurance

For the most part, a rented power generator will be insured by the company and you won’t have to worry about something going wrong with it.

If you buy a generator, this can be a different story. Some will offer warranties to reassure you that everything is taken care of but sometimes, you’ll be on your own if anything happens

If it’s rented, you’ll always have experts behind you ready to help you deal with any problems that you and your generator encounter.

6. On-Site Help

When you rent a generator, usually the company is perfectly happy to help you install it and ensure it complies with all of the local laws. Much like with insurance and the potential of something going wrong, if you buy a generator instead, then you may be on your own.

The company being well-versed in the local laws is very important, as they differ from state-to-state. You may not have the time to read up on them all and get to know them, as you’re presumably busy with your own work.

7. No Commitment

Not only is the flexibility offered in case you have a change of circumstances, but the lack of commitment in itself is a huge advantage.

Many people have committed to a huge purchase only to realize it wasn’t the right thing for them. If you do want to own a generator in the future, you should test out the kind you want to ensure it’s actually right for you and your business. Commercial generator sales can be daunting, and you’ll feel much safer going into it if you’ve already test run the exact one you want.

8. Security

At the end of the day, the security of always having power is the most important benefit of having a generator.

Even if you aren’t expecting any bad weather, you never know what could happen. Trees have fallen on power lines and many other things have unexpectedly happened that can cause a lack of power and put you in quite a situation when you need to get work done.

Having that generator there is huge because it means no interruption to production — as well as safety and security for your employees! Expecting them to work in conditions where there’s no power can even get dangerous, so it’s best to be preventative.

Renting a Generator Is a Game-Changer

The truth is, renting a generator is a game-changer.

There are many benefits to having a generator in general, the main one being that you’ll never be foiled by inclement weather or surprise accidents that take out the power. Renting is even better because you can try out a generator you like, have a company’s support behind you, and pay far less of an upfront cost that may be completely out of your budget.

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