10 Best Netflix Shows Not Available in the US

Netflix has around 208 million subscribers worldwide, 60% of which are located in the United States. With such a large user base and because many people watch TV shows on this platform rather than another country’s version (for example: UK Netflix), you might expect that American viewers will have access to some great programming but unfortunately it isn’t always case – here I’ve compiled a list with popular TV series not available in the US!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

The show is set in Philadelphia, where five narcissists run a bar. They’re constantly finding themselves involved with some sort of ridiculous situation that forces them to grow up fast and learn how not to be such jerks all over again… or at least try really hard!

Available in: UK


When a student discovers time travel, he and his colleagues must utilize their newfound knowledge to stop an evil organization’s wicked plans.

Available in: India, Japan, Thailand

Rick and Morty

Join Rick and Morty on their crazy sci-fi adventures across the universe in this animated adult series!

Available in: Turkey, France, Germany

Cowboy Bebop

When criminals continue to flourish and the law enforcement can’t seem to catch them, a group of bounty hunters come together with one goal in mind – capture these evil-doers before they strike again.

Available in: Japan


The series follows several incidents of deception, intrigue and murder in frozen Minnesota. However, somehow, they all lead back to Fargo, North Dakota – a place so notoriously cold it has been said that “the ice burns more than anything else.”

Available in: South Africa, Switzerland

The Office

The Office is a hit comedy series that’ll take you through the struggles lives of unhappy office workers led by their delusional boss, Michael Scott. The show features improvised moments and inspired lines from famous films to make it more entertaining!

Available in: Australia, Canada, Denmark

Only Fools and Horses

With a scheming brother, an absent-minded grandfather and the duo’s daft dad – it sounds like there are plenty of laughs in this family! Follow their journey as they attempt to escape from mediocrity.

Available in: UK

Das Boot

The crew of “The boat” is put through countless hours of confined and relentless assault by enemy ships. They never had a chance to catch their breath or take any supplies with them when they were sent into battle, only for this trouble-making group who wanted nothing more than peace from shells landing all around them – until it became clear there would be no end in sight!

Available in: UK

Twin Peaks

The return of Twin Peaks in 2017 had been a long time coming, with fans being optimistic about the new season. The show’s iconic Log Lady character even confirmed that it would be ” subscriptions or die”. Well now we have our answer – and they’re not kidding!

Available in: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico


The most popular show in America, Friends follows the everyday life and wacky adventures of six friends living together.

Available in: Switzerland, Argentina, Israel, India

How to change Netflix region and watch content in the US

To change your Netflix region, you will need a VPN service. Simply get the Netflix VPN app, connect to a server in the Netflix country you did like to access, and open the Netflix app. You should now watch the content in the US.