What Are The Benefits of a 3D Virtual Fitting Room?

The idea of having a virtual platform with a 3D model that is a replica of your body and can be dressed with anything is revolutionary. This provides customers the freedom to see how their favorite dress will fit them before buying them all from the comfort of their homes. 

As digitization is taking over the modern world, 3D virtual trial rooms are now completely digitizing your shopping experience. In this article, we will be looking at the positive impacts that this groundbreaking innovation is having on the fashion industry.  

Benefits of Virtual Fitting Room:

Virtual fitting rooms are a boon for both customers and retailers. Not only is this solution relevant in this pandemic-prone age but will also be in practice when the situation normalizes. There are a lot of ways in which people can benefit from the presence of augmented reality in their everyday tasks, a few of the benefits are as follows,

  • Lower returns and exchanges – With the help of 3D virtual fitting rooms like fashion eComm trends customers can see how the dresses fit on them in real-time from their homes. This level of comfort also ensures that most of the time if the customer is satisfied seeing their 3D model wearing some attire, they will be satisfied wearing the same in real life. This is beneficial for both the customer and the brand as it cuts off a major hassle that undergoes to meet the return policies.
  • Improved sales – Newer technology has always been a crowd puller. When one brand provides a feature that is useful and no other competitor has launched that feature yet, it is always beneficial for the first adopter. Also considering the ongoing conditions people are not willing to go outside, so getting the facility of virtual fitting rooms at the click of a link to learn more about improved sales.   
  • Positive brand image – Being one of the first in any field keeps the brand in the spotlight. When something as advanced as augmented reality is adopted in the fashion industry people will be talking about that brand a lot. This helps in improving the brand image and improves lead generation with proper marketing campaigns.
  • Better shopping experience – Smart technology improves the rate at which purchases are made. The entire process is much more simplified than what it used to be in brick-and-mortar stores. Also trying different dresses is a tiresome process while dressing up 3D replicas is a matter of seconds. 
  • Virtual assistance – Other than allowing you to dress up 3D models with the dress of your liking, the platform also comes with virtual assistance. It will study your structure and then suggest dresses that will fit you exactly like you want them to be. 


Virtual fitting rooms are the best way of simplifying the hassle of wearing every dress to find out the best fit. This benefits both the customer and the company as they learn more about the simplified and automated processes with the influence of artificial intelligence and augmented reality. 

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