Revolutionary new technology from British firm Ayozat reduces satellite TV signal by up to 50% for broadcasters


Television channels can slash their satellite capacity needs in half if they adopt Ayozat compression technology, industry experts have revealed.

Ayozat, a leading media and technology company, has created a new algorithm and related software to compress standard definition (SD), high definition (HD), 4K and 8K playout.

“Our proprietary technology utilises our years of  unique experience in this specialist field,” said Ayozat chairman Umesh Perera.

“We have managed to compress the signal whilst maintaining the latency, picture and audio technology.

“Broadcasters are stunned that this can be done.

“The Ayozat technology has already been in commercial use on a UK Sky Sports channel for the last year.”

Chairman and CEO of SportyStuffTV Limited, Kevan Moretti, highlighted the success of the technology and the importance of the low-latency advantages.

“The cost saving of using Ayozat’s technology has been significant.

“The low latency of their feeds is especially important in live sports.

Ayozat’s network feeds have some of the lowest latencies in the industry.

Channel owners can make savings of up to £45,000 per month per 4K channel, and £20,000 per month per standard channel, Ayazot CEO Adam Bishop revealed.

The Ayozat Fight Network integrates the new compression technology and is set to exclusively broadcast coverage of Connor Vain’s British Southern Area title fight on April 16th.

The new fight network, run by world-leading fightmaker, Mervyn Turner, covers all fight genres including professional boxing, MMA, K-One, Muay Thai and last-man-standing. All fights are professional body sanctioned.

“Compression technology is increasingly crucial to the sports broadcasting industry,” said Umeseh Perera.

“We are proud to lead the way.”

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