Brand journalism can change the destiny of every company

In a historical era marked by great uncertainties, in which each person seems to have lost their confidence in themselves and in others, companies and brands have the opportunity to stand out from the crowd and establish new relationships of trust based primarily on loyalty, quality of services offered and the new kind of intimacy that binds the consumer and his company, a much more human and genuine bond, based above all on mutual respect and satisfaction of needs.

The future of brands in a covid-free future

This two-year period has not only disrupted the lives of millions of people, but has also severely affected the daily activities of numerous companies, forcing some to temporarily suspend their activities or even close their doors. For many, the health emergency has meant an almost total loss of their sources of income, representing a real blow from which they have not yet fully recovered. The pandemic has also brought with it a whole new way of approaching work, even on the part of the material executors, i.e. the workers: the latter have had to measure themselves against the revolution of work spaces, which have moved from the walls of the office to the more comfortable walls of their own homes, giving rise to improvised workstations in the bedroom or living room, or in any case in a quiet room that for a few months has been transformed into a state-of-the-art studio in which to carry out their daily activities. Work, so to speak, has entered a new dimension, one that is much more agile and dynamic, completely detached from the old conventions linked to the employee’s physical presence in the office and much more focused on actual productivity, on the end result. The post-Covid employee is in fact a much more productive and self-aware person, as if the pandemic had somehow empowered him.

For companies, in addition to a substantial shortening of the digital divide, the pandemic has also represented an opportunity to rethink some internal marketing strategies related to product communication, customer service management and employee protection, through the development of new operational strategies based primarily on the role of the person, on the primary needs of the individual, but also on his ability to leave a tangible mark in the world. The relationship with the client has also changed profoundly, especially from the point of view of the interaction between the potential consumer and the content generated by the brand. In a period in which, for reasons of force majeure, the use of cell phones and electronic devices has increased sharply, becoming almost unavoidable, companies have had to develop new communication strategies to reach an increasing number of potential customers, inflaming their social media with content of great graphic and visual impact, capable of capturing in an instant the attention of those who observe them.

The role of free content

An extremely effective weapon to win people’s trust and admiration, in this complex historical conjuncture, is represented by free contents able to involve and excite their audience, thus strengthening even more the link between the stakeholder and the brand. One of these is undoubtedly brand journalism, through which brand narration can reach a completely new stage of development, evolving and adapting to the changing circumstances of modernity. By creating a small digital magazine, in which you can insert some insights related to the life of the product, the company, or even simply some exciting stories focused on the past of the brand or its values, you will have a high quality product to distribute for free to your interlocutors, thus increasing your awareness within a certain segment of the public. With this product, the company has the opportunity to tell its story in a completely different way, going beyond the product and explaining details (even of a technical nature) that it would never have had the opportunity to deal with (also due to the lack of a suitable platform for the purpose).

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In the delicate post-Covid period, people have the opportunity to bond more intimately than ever with their brand of choice, establishing a whole new relationship with it based on satisfaction, fulfillment of their desires and mutual trust.

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