Enter ‘Alchemist’, a bold new offering for the L&D sector


From the fusion of Interact and Apex Training, comes Alchemist- Learning Transformed.Interact


and Apex Training  have now merged to form Alchemist. A bold new brand that combines a scientific approach to learning with the meaningful touch of genuine human experiences.

“This is a massive opportunity to make some real noise in the L&D market,” says Stuart Packham, CEO of Interact Training Group. “We have done so many things as Interact and Apex over the last twenty five years. The ability to now blend these two together into the Alchemist brand is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”
“People ask me, Why does becoming Alchemistmake a difference to what you bring to the market?” says John Nicholson, Chairman of Alchemist. “Well, we’ve got Interactive, Experiential and Immersive experiences, and the opportunity for us now is to springboard from those into going to the next level with our customers. Alchemist is here to build multiple relationships with the same companies over and over again. By making people be the best they can be at what they choose to do.”
We know that everyone learns differently. There is no one-size-fits-all path. We do not offer a tick-box approach. We are taking the approach that each client has the opportunity to understand the underlying root of their challenge and that we can find the unique solution that fits them specifically. Our focus is to create tailored strategies. Building learning experiences that are meaningful to their people. And adding something unique to the process. Something new, exciting and effective. Now, as Alchemists we are able to do that by blending both of our histories and learning approaches together. We now have one team, one culture, one pool of associates, and infinite potential.

We are so happy to have chosen the Alchemist path because of what it represents. Alchemy is a branch of natural philosophy which combines the scientific and the spiritual to allow for the creation of literally anything. We see ourselves as alchemists when it comes to our blended learning approach. Our goal is to become globally recognised for creating human focussed experiences that actually make a difference. And we are going to combine everything we have and know to create this. We are going to do this by shaking things up in this industry. We are going to challenge conventional approaches to people development, ask difficult questions, and help our clients find the answers. Depending on what is needed we might use actors and facilitators, cutting edge technology, experiential situations, bespoke Apps, or hybrids of any of these and more. We want to bring about real, measurable, and lasting change in our clients from within, either entirely virtual, or through face to face. In doing this we believe we can empower people to unlock their full potential through learning – not just at the workplace, but in life as well. Because we want to turn our clients into alchemists too. Into people who take bold steps to understand themselves. Into people willing to take risks and go against the grain, what’s in at the moment, or what everyone else says is right. And into people who are able to deliver their own transformational change along with us.


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