How To Choose The Right Type Of Seeds To Grow

As medical and recreational cannabis becomes more widespread, the industry is becoming more professional. Those wishing to become cannabis farmers have to adhere to the rigors of the industry, producing safe, consistent, and high-quality products. The path to a successful business isn’t smooth or easy. Because it’s a living plant, you should grow the herb as nature intended. Keeping that in mind, seeds are paramount for every cannabis grower. You won’t have any kind of trouble finding an assortment of high-quality cannabis seeds to choose from. These days, companies cater to all customers. 

The use of high-quality seeds is vitally important for growing healthy cannabis plants. Of course, the final result depends on a multitude of factors, including adequate watering, nutrient availability, and good light quality, but it all begins with superior genetics. If you’ve never shopped around for cannabis seeds, the chances are that you’re at a loss. The remarkable variety is enough to make you feel confused. It’s essential to be wise when buying cannabis seeds, as not all online cannabis seed banks are created equal. These considerations will help you make a decision. 

Understand The Difference Between Cannabis Strains 

Strains represent different breeds of cannabis. Each individual strain is bred for its specific characteristics by a cannabis cultivator. Cannabis is split into three species, namely: 

  • Cannabis sativa
  • Cannabis indica
  • Cannabis ruderalis 

There are countless strains of cannabis, most of which are strains of one of the three subspecies. Hybrid strains are a combination of sativa and indica genetics. Indicas are recommended for new cannabis growers because they’re more adaptable to long-term cultivation owing to their size-to-flower ratio. Cannabis indica plants have broad leaves and thrive in environments with slightly cooler temperatures. They tend to be high in THC content

Cannabis sativa plants, on the other hand, grow to heights of twenty feet, so they’re typically grown outdoors. Sativa-dominant strains can be grown indoors, but it’s a little bit more complicated. The payoff is worth the effort, so have some patience. Once the plants begin to flower, it can take up to ten or twelve weeks to be ready to harvest. Cannabis sativa is used in medicines, body care products, food, nutritional supplements, and even building materials. 

Last but not least, cannabis Ruderalis plants are very durable, meaning that they can survive in the harshest weather conditions. They don’t depend on light exposure for the flowering process, unlike the plants discussed earlier. The seeds go into the flowering mode automatically, which is complete after ninety to one hundred and ten days. Ruderalis is naturally high in CBD. Ruderalis genes enable breeders to create autoflowering hybrid strains. 

Decide Between Regular, Feminized, and Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds 

When growing cannabis plants, the type of seeds matters as well. In the cannabis seed market, you can purchase both regular and feminized cannabis seeds. Tempting as it may be to choose regular cannabis seeds because of the cheap price tag, there are a couple of things to reflect upon. The seeds give rise to 50% male and 50% female offspring. The disadvantage is that you have to immediately identify the males and throw them out. If you don’t, they’ll pollinate the females. Just so you know, there’s a high chance of getting more male plants in your cannabis plantation. 

If practicality and simplicity are what you’re looking for, feminized seeds are a better choice. Feminized cannabis seeds are genetically engineered to become female plants, which produce resin-rich buds. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that all your plants will turn out to be female. If you grow the cannabis plants indoors, you can take control of the growing stages with a grow light timer. You’ll easily be able to switch from the vegetative phase to the flowering phase. Keep in mind that cannabis plants are photoperiodic. 

More and more cannabis growers seem to show interest in autoflowering seeds. They start to bloom on their own after only four weeks. The seeds are feminized, so they won’t produce males. The height of the autoflowering plants ranges between one and three feet. The seeds can be, therefore, planted indoors, on the balcony. Most importantly, the plants are resilient, which is fantastic for beginner growers. You can obtain multiple harvests pers season. As you’ll discover, autoflowering plants are resistant to many diseases, so you’ll experience less trouble. 

Whatever It Is You’re Going For, Choose Cannabis Seeds Based On: 

THC Content 

Seeds usually contain nominal THC levels that don’t exceed the 0,3% maximum level imposed by the European Council, yet there’s no way of knowing if the resulting plant’s THC level will fall below the limits. Whether for medical or recreational purposes, the concentration of THC is of prime importance. The THC content of cannabis offered in medical programs tends to be higher than 5-and 10%. It’s enough to reduce chronic pain with minimal side effects. Cannabis contains many active compounds, and CBD is the most promising one from a medical perspective.. 

Flavor And Aroma

According to Seedsman, each plant from the cannabis seeds has a unique taste and smell. Not that long ago, there were only three types of flavors: fruity, floral, and earthy. Now, there are countless flavors and aromas, such as the aroma of cheese, the woody taste, or the smell of jasmine. Sensory judgements become necessary to consumers. 

Physical & Mental Effects 

Cannabis comprises more than 120 compounds, referred to as cannabinoids. Cannabis may be of benefit in the treatment of chronic pain, depression, PTSD, social anxiety, and epilepsy, to name a few. The type of cannabis seed makes all the difference, so choose accordingly. Take into account the effects of the strain and figure out if it produces desirable results when it ends up in the hands of consumers.  

Find A Reputable Seed Bank 

Finally, yet importantly, avoid using seeds from a bag. The best thing you can do is to reach out to a reputable seed bank like Seedsman. They have a variety of cannabis seeds for you to consider. The germination promise that you get from the brand is good enough to give you the assurance you’re buying the best cannabis seeds. The seeds are delivered to you safely and discreetly. Seedsman, in particular, stocks specialized strains from licensed breeders. Some of the most popular strains include Skunk, Sour Diesel, and White Widow. It’s worth mentioning that every order includes free seeds.