Jugo Elevates the Future of Virtual Meetings Using 3D Gaming Technology.

Jugo announces the launch of its industry-first internal and external meetings and events platform designed to provide a complete experience ecosystem for organizations adjusting to today’s hybrid and remote workforce.


Jugo gives companies access to innovative technology to engage, connect, and power their remote workforces as they undergo a virtual transformation. 


A problem that Jugo looks to solve is disconnected employees. “Humans are designed to communicate. Workforces are designed to collaborate. Jugo will help companies better engage and collaborate with their employees and audiences in a virtual world – effectively contributing to the goals of the organization,” said CEO of Jugo, Amy Kim.  “Organizations are challenged with the fact that post-pandemic, workforces have evolved  from being 20% remote to 80% hybrid or remote. In reality, employees feel disconnected, isolated and don’t feel a part of the organization they work for, contributing to the great resignation. Jugo allows companies to stay connected in the remote world.” 


Kim built her career in the technology sector working for companies like Google, Microsoft, and Siebel Systems. She believes the future of work will be digital and hybrid – and platforms that enable efficiency and productivity virtually will become even greater in the future. 


Jugo is built with the world’s most powerful, 3D games engine which enables rich photorealistic graphics in real-time delivered over the web simply using a browser. Jugo’s power resides in its 3D immersive environment, humanized for effortless interactions, elevated user experiences and entirely unique TV-production controls – blended seamlessly with rich data analytics to improve quality interactions for speakers and audiences alike both in real-time and post-experience.


Jugo blends innovative technology with unique communication experiences land messages and drive collaboration towards aligned goals – wherever they are in the hybrid world.   


“As a professor of education, with a particular focus on 21st century teaching, I cannot overstate my enthusiasm for the sense of place and environment that Jugo offers me and my community. For creating rich and meaningful connections across distance, the Jugo platform, in my opinion, is head and shoulders above all other platforms I could possibly be using with my students at this time,” said Kimberly Greene Ed.D, Chair MAE University of Massachusetts, Global School of Education. 


Jugo was developed during the pandemic by GDS Group, the leading provider of B2B services.  When the world went fully remote, GDS successfully converted their service offering into digital-first solutions, growing the business by 150% and delivering over 2600 virtual events in just 2021. Jugo is the evolution of that growth.  


About Jugo: Jugo is built for the future of hybrid work. We are your complete internal and external meeting and event platform creating “in person” experiences in a virtual environment.   Jugo’s vision is to disrupt the virtual meetings market stuck on one-way communication by connecting, aligning and inspiring users and audiences. 

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