How to monetize a gaming app via an SSP

These days larger and larger ad budgets are allocated to programmatic advertising. Why is it happening? The reason is obvious – programmatic advertising allows to cover a larger target audience and optimize the budget. It means that advertisers gain maximum effect from the money they have spent on the campaigns. Moreover, the service is profitable for the supply side, too. Mobile app monetization platforms offer digital product owners a convenient earning tool – in-app advertising.

What an SSP is

SSP stands for Supply-Side Platform. The app owners need to register on the platform to get the possibility of monetization. The app is then connected to the service and lets the engine know that there is ad space available.

This way they have the opportunity to sell the ad inventory for the highest price offered by the advertisers. The whole process looks like a real-time auction. The bidding process, however, is fully automated and takes place with no human interference.

The app owners registered with an SSP can set up the lowest rate in the settings of their personal accounts. This allows them to eliminate the lowest bids and select the more beneficial ones.

Advantages of programmatic advertising platforms

SSPs are most often used to monetize websites and iOS/Android applications, including gaming apps. This is a great strategy that is much more lucrative than the rest of monetizing models. The owners have the chance to keep your product free for the users and can focus on getting income from advertising. This method is much more efficient than, for example, monetization via paid downloads or subscriptions.

Other advantages:

  • Monetization via an SSP is fully automated.
  • The ads are organically embedded into the app.
  • Flexible ad campaign settings.
  • Possibility to monetize from scratch.
  • Any application can be registered on the platform.
  • The ads are shown only to the target audience.

Thus, programmatic advertising is one of the most efficient ways of monetization since advertising budgets keep growing year after year. This allows the app owners to sell their ad slots with the maximum efficient outcome.