5 Ways To Enhance Healthy Beard Growth

For many people, taking care of their health and appearance is a relatively new phenomenon. With the rise in self-care and self-love culture, some people are new to the field of skincare, cosmetic procedures, and regular spa days. Men, even more than women, are more likely than women to neglect health care and personal grooming habits, but this is changing. For example, in the last ten years, the number of men seeking cosmetic procedures like Botox has risen thirty percent. In addition to minor procedures, men enjoy relaxing facials, manicures & pedicures, and exploring new hairstyles.

Along with maintaining their hair in the latest styles, 33% of American men are growing beards these days. If you’re looking to jump on the beard train but aren’t blessed with the DNA to automatically grow a full beard with ease, don’t get defeated! Thankfully there are plenty of ways to promote and enhance a beautiful and healthy beard. 

Regular Appointments 

The same way you keep regular appointments with your barber for your head’s hair, you’ll want to keep those appointments while growing out your beard. Especially in the beginning phases of growth, your beard may look spotty and longer or shorter in different areas. Keep appointments every week or two weeks with your facial barber to make sure your beard is uniform in appearance. The straggly beginnings for some men can be defeating and cause them to throw in the towel. Your persistence will pay off, and your barber can help you to stay looking sharp during the process. 

Promoting Products 

Several products can help promote new facial hair growth to help you achieve the beard of your dreams faster. One product, a beard growth oil, will stimulate new hair growth as well as keep the existing hair healthy and hydrated. The hair on your face is coarser and sometimes kinkier, so a moisturizing oil that also aids in growth is essential. In addition to a growth oil, investing in a beard roller is key. A beard roller is essentially a derma roller that will benefit the skin underneath your beard or in other parts where you’re trying to grow.

Consistent Cleaning

Many men growing beards underestimate the power of a simple product – shampoo. While some opt to use their regular hair shampoo, it’s best to invest in a product specifically designed for beards, as they’re typically less likely to irritate the skin underneath. Regular washing of the hair on your head impacts how much your hair grows, and your beard is no different. While washing your beard in the shower, make sure you’re massaging the hair at the root to stimulate healthy regrowth. 

Comb Through

Another way to enhance healthy beard growth is combing through your beard at least once a day. While some bearded men may brush or comb their beards several times a day, at the minimum, it should be incorporated into your daily grooming habits. Combing through your hair will stimulate new growth and also get rid of any loose hairs. Depending on your partner’s temperament, they may or may not be happy to clean up stray beard hairs in the bathroom every day. Regular brushing makes you less likely to lose strands annoying yourself, your partner, or your housekeeper. Not to mention, combing or brushing keeps the existing hair soft and in place. 

Essential Hydration 

We all know the importance of keeping our bodies hydrated, but your beard is no exception when it comes to needing frequent hydration. Of course, we’re not talking about drinking eight glasses of water to grow your beard (though it will keep your body healthy and your hair benefits from healthy habits) but hydrating with products. The best hydrating products for the beard are oils tailored to your needs. Beard growth oils or simply hydrating oils are available. Some men use simple products like jojoba or coconut oil on their beards. Don’t be surprised if you have to try several oils until you find one that works best for you.

Growing in a beard takes time, persistence, and a little bit of know-how. But, you’ll be a step above the rest by implementing the above-mentioned tips for promoting healthy growth and maintaining your beard.