Providing Cost-Effective Care With Private Duty Nurses in Manhattan

Manhattan is known for its bustling streets, endless entertainment, evening soirees and so much more. But with skyrocketing housing costs, the prices of food going up, and even transportation costing more and more, many families are looking for more cost-effective options in all areas of their lives. This includes finding more affordable private duty nurse services in Manhattan. Just like everything else, healthcare isn’t getting any cheaper, but private home care can provide a better option for many families living in the Big Apple. Here are some places to find private duty nurses.

Home Health Agencies

Many home health agencies can provide quality care at a more affordable rate than a long-term care facility. Home health agencies in Manhattan work with patients experiencing anything from dementia to needing care after an operation. Getting a private duty nurse through an agency means that they have already done the hard work of vetting each of their staff. While they cost a bit more than hiring someone independently, you won’t need to worry about creating care plans, vetting staff, contacting references, and the other tasks that go along with hiring private nurses. Instead, the home health agency does all these tasks including payments and scheduling staff to come to your home.

Also, because you only pay for the services and hours you need, you don’t pay unless someone is there. When you need a weekend getaway or you need nursing care while you’re away at work, home health agencies in Manhattan are a great solution.

Post Opportunities at Nursing Schools

Nursing schools are a great place to find private duty nurses. When nurses first get out of school, they’ll still need to take their NCLEX tests, but hiring them soon after can ensure you get a great nurse for your loved one. Whether you post your job opportunity at the Columbia School of Nursing or the International University of Nursing in Manhattan, there are plenty of great students who would be an affordable choice for home care. Because they are new to the profession, they will likely be willing to take more entry-level nursing rates which can provide you with more cost-effective care.

The downside is that it can be harder to find patients who have worked directly with the nurse unless it’s been in the hospital or nursing home during clinical courses. You would be able to talk with their professors and other students potentially to get a feel for their bedside manner and other important qualifications for the job.

Search Through Sites Like

The great thing about technology is that it has made access to information even easier than before. Leveraging sites and apps like means that finding a great private duty nurse in Manhattan is at your fingertips. Not only can you search for providers who can help with personal care needs, but you may also even find nurses who can provide more complex care. This means that instead of paying a premium to an agency, you would pay directly to the nurse who visits your home.

There are regulations in Manhattan to ensure you pay in the right way but doing it this way is far simpler for you and means you can afford more hours than you would through an agency. While some patients need around-the-clock care, others may only require a few hours of care per day. Finding a good nurse through an online site means you can personally interview them, check their references, and get them background-checked all on your own. Additionally, these sites allow others to review the care they received from the nurse which means you can read firsthand accounts from other clients.

Final Thoughts

Hiring a private duty nurse is an incredibly personal experience, but also one that’s very convenient for your family. Because you are inviting someone to be in your home, it feels different than when your loved one is in one of Manhattan’s best hospitals or nursing home facilities. You want to be sure you hire someone who not only can provide the best care, but who also understands your family and family dynamic. When you want a more cost-effective way to combat the rise of healthcare costs and other expenses, then choosing a private duty nurse is the perfect solution. 

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