Feeling Sluggish and Heavy? Find out one of the Most Common Causes of this Condition Along With a Solution

Are you experiencing chronic fatigue that has persisted for a long time? Not sure what the causes of this might be? Maybe you additionally feel that you are much heavier than your weight indicates? Has swelling appeared on your body? These could be symptoms of water retention. Find out how to deal with it.

Why is chronic fatigue linked to excess body water?

Water is an element that is essential for the proper functioning of the entire body. It provides the environment for many biochemical transformations. These, in turn, are the foundation of good health. Therefore, when the water balance is disturbed, problems arise.

These can manifest themselves in a variety of ways. However, chronic fatigue and swelling are the most common. This is caused by two factors. Firstly, excess water in the body disrupts balance. It makes the body not know how to function and tries to return to its normal state.

In addition, the moment the body starts to accumulate water, attention must be paid to the cause. If it is an insufficient fluid intake, then chronic fatigue may be due to dehydration. This may seem illogical, but in fact, this is exactly how the body works. This is why sluggishness, excessive swelling and even headache problems occur.

Could chronic fatigue have other causes?

Of course, it is essential to remember that chronic fatigue can have various causes. It is always advisable to consult your doctor, who will advise you on the appropriate course of action. In addition, he or she may order a number of tests. In this way, the condition of the body can be easily assessed. This also makes it possible to eliminate diseases and other ailments.

How can you support your body with water accumulation?

However, if all tests are found to be normal, water accumulation in the body must be addressed. Chronic fatigue can make daily functioning much more difficult, which is why it is so important. How can you get rid of it?

First and foremost, you should reach for water more often. You should drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of fluids per day. Adjust this amount according to season, gender and body weight. You will then have an exact figure that you should stick to.

In addition, include nutritional supplements in your diet. Opt especially for those that are proven and from reliable sources e.g. yoursecretis.co.uk. With these, you can significantly speed up the elimination of excess water from your body.

Use dietary supplements

Why use dietary supplements? How can they support the flushing out of excess water from the body?

First of all, they help to regulate the water balance, which has been disturbed. They support the elimination of accumulated water from the body. You take care of everything on an ongoing basis. In addition, they support the urinary system in ridding the body of fluids.

Use dietary supplements whenever you feel that excess water has started to accumulate in your body. Remember to tailor your intake to your needs and your individual health situation.