Unisurge keeps sight of surgical supply deliveries with PODFather

Unisurge, the manufacturer and supplier of medical disposables, operating theatre products and custom procedure packs for healthcare professionals, has introduced PODFather’s route planning and electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solution to help plan and track its delivery fleet.  Distributing 4,000 boxes a day to over 500 delivery locations around the UK, Unisurge has introduced PODFather as part of a company-wide system review.  Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, supplied by PODFather’s technology partner, Tecman, Unisurge is in the process of consolidating a number of disparate paper-based processes into one streamlined solution with the aim of improving operational visibility, efficiency and traceability across its operation. 


Established in 1988, Unisurge is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of customer procedure packs, dressing packs, medical disposable, and theatre products for healthcare professionals in the UK.  Technology innovation drives business practices across all divisions, including its distribution network.  Having progressively implemented several technology solutions, Unisurge made the decision to switch to one supplier that could handle all its route planning, vehicle check, delivery tracking, customer notification and ePOD needs.  Having seen what the market had to offer, Unisurge selected PODFather based on its proven ability to help companies improve operational visibility and traceability with advanced route planning and electronic proof of delivery.


“Before we introduced PODFather we relied on a number of different systems, and associated processes, to assign our deliveries to routes and track our vehicle fleet,” comments Amir Farboud, Chief of Operations at Unisurge International.  “Switching to PODFather will enable us to consolidate our distribution service, which is better for us as a business and for our customers who will have better visibility of when orders will be arriving and where they have been delivered.”


Unisurge is integrating PODFather into its existing IT infrastructure with the system’s advanced API making for a smooth integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, provided to by PODFather’s technology partner, Tecman.  The plan is for PODFather to be used daily to plan vehicle routes, capture vehicle checks, issue customer ETA notifications, track drivers and capture electronic proof of delivery.  As a result, transport teams will have full time visibility of both planned and actual activities, customers will be kept up to date with delivery tracking links and electronic proof of delivery is captured and shared with both Unisurge and the end customer in real time. 


“When you are delivering healthcare supplies into operating theatres it is imperative that you have a solution in place that ensures products get to the right place, at the right time, every time,” comments Colin McCreadie, Managing Director at PODFather.  “With Unisurge we are able to consolidate what was a segmented paper-based process and deliver a streamlined solution that will integrate seamlessly with other internal systems and provide the team with delivery reliability across its operation.”   

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