The Colin Trio Record Release Event for Where’s Your Fire scheduled for July 21 at Mississippi Studios, Portland OR

Portland based band, The Colin Trio, is ramping up for their new album dropping, Where’s Your Fire. Step one was the release of their single, I Don’t Mind, and accompanying video on June 16th at Atlantis Lounge. Step two will culminate in the official release show at Mississippi Studios on July 21st. The Colin Trio is known for their genre defying sound expressed in their performances throughout the Pacific NW. They also provide the studio and live backing band elements for a number of Portland Indie projects, and are regular collaborators for The Next Waltz, All Things Must Pass and the Bob Dylan Birthday Bash shows. The core ensemble is composed of Colin Hogan on lead vocals, piano, and guitar, Brian Link on bass, and Cheo Larcombe on drums. The Trio often works with horn player John Dover.

With Where’s Your Fire, The Colin Trio has partnered with producer Patrick Tetreault during their session at East Avalon Recorders in Muscle Shoals, AL. 

“Working with The Colin Trio was a great experience, truly some of the most creative people I have had the opportunity to work with. We went into the studio ready to make a great record and that is exactly what we did. We searched for every tone, every part, and tried all the ideas…we never settled for ‘good enough.’ Definitely give this a listen!” says Patrick.

With this album the band pulls from their collective musical experiences weaving together the sounds of burlesque style swing, surf rock, heavy rock, Latin, and more. The attention to detail and artistic vision that The Colin Trio has poured into this album comes from their desire to deliver an immersive musical experience – whether you’re enjoying it live or in your headphones. The record was mix engineered by Craig Alvin and mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk of Stereophonic Mastering. 

The inspiration for I Don’t Mind and the accompanying video comes from Colin Hogan’s genetic eye condition, Achromatopsia. Colin’s vision gives her a different perception of the world. Her eyes have no functioning cones making her completely color blind and extremely light sensitive. I Don’t Mind and its video illustrate how the mind and other senses get involved in figuring things out before the eyes. The sassy song and its cheeky video show how having low vision and color blindness has put her in some interesting and sometimes hilariously confusing situations. The song mentions “learning the language” of others who have normal vision and attempts to offer her own language as an alternative to understanding a different point of view. The Trio worked with Adam Sweeney of AdamaCreative to capture these cinematic moments.

Where’s Your Fire drops on July 21st. The premier show will be at Mississippi Studios as a co-bill with The Resolectrics. Doors open at 8 PM and the show begins at 9 PM.

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