Shincheonji Chairman “Let us become one by checking the revealed testimony of reality”

Shincheonji Chairman “Let us become one by checking the revealed testimony of reality”

‘The Secret of the Revelation that is revealed to Pastors, believers and journalists’ Online seminar, Zion Mission Christian Center Summary of Intro, Intermediate, Advanced course, “Everyone has to come to where the Word is”

Starting with the entire chapters of Revelation Lecture, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony (hereinafter referred to as Shincheonji Church of Jesus) completed the 9months of intro, intermediate, advanced course of the word, and chairman Lee Man-Hee had an online seminar as a lecturer on 4th of July. 

The seminar, which was held under the theme of ’66 Books of the Bible, Secrets of Heaven and Testimony of New Covenant Revelation-Secret of Revelation that is revealed to Pastors, Believers, and Journalists, has the meaning of finalizing the summary of the words of the intro, intermediate and advanced courses, which ended on June 27. 

At the seminar, which was broadcast around the world through the official YouTube channel of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus, Chairman Lee began his lecture by saying, “If you have any wrong evidence or abnormalities, please always tell me.” Starting with the work of God, who created everything with words, Chairman Lee explained the process of creation and betrayal of the world of Adam, Noah, and Abraham, and revealed that Jesus fulfilled the prophecy that God promised through the Old Testament prophet after Solomon’s betrayal.

As prophesied in Jeremiah 31, Jesus came, sowed two kinds of seeds in Matthew 13 to create a new thing, and explained that the New Covenant was made in Luke 22 and said, “This new covenant is that Jesus, who made the Old Testament, promised to come back at 2nd coming.” Chairman Lee testified that what Jesus wanted to achieve from this New Covenant is the Revelation, and Jesus received the book from God and it is fulfilled in this era.

Chairman Lee emphasized, “We need to check when, where, and how far Jesus’ promises have been fulfilled, not just believing in Jesus unconditionally.” and he asked, “If the evidence of the entire book of Revelation and the New and Old Testament that Shincheonji revealed is correct, shouldn’t everyone believe it?”

Chairman Lee asked again, “If there is a word of life somewhere in the world right now, wouldn’t we be able to live eternally by receiving the word” and emphasized that “If God and Jesus are with there, and the word of eternal life is coming out from there, everyone should go there.”

Chairman Lee said, “If someone testified the Revelation that no one on earth knows, how could that people know this if it is not from God” and he made an appeal that “Didn’t you record what Shincheonji testified to the whole world? If the word is correct, let us become one in the word and come before God”

Lastly, Chairman Lee said, “As the Old Testament is fulfilled, The New Testament is also fulfilled. We have testified the main contents of Revelation and Old/New Covenant. Please record it and watch it again and again, and let us become one.”

Meanwhile, the online seminar on intro, intermediate, and advanced courses at the Shincheonji Zion Mission Christian Center, which has been held since October last year, was successfully completed with 21 million views. In addition, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus said it is expected to achieve 100,000 graduates at the Zion Mission Christian Center this year. 
Chairman Lee Man-Hee’s seminar on “66 Bible Books, testimony on the Secrets of Heaven and New Covenant Revelation” is available on the official YouTube channel of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus (

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