Multidisciplinary Artist Ketmanee Announces Debut Poetry Book Exploring New Philosophical Dualities

 New York: After producing short films and representing both visual and musical artists, Ketmanee now turns to the literary world for her next creative endeavor. Beyond the Blockade: Seeking Beauty in Melancholy, via New Ballad Publishing, is a neoteric collection of poetry and prose about self-growth, the dualities of identity, desire, sexuality, and manifestations of the ego. Drawing inspiration from the author’s ardent love for all art forms–old and new alike–the collection is structured as a poetic symphony, invoking passionate musings of pain and time while guiding readers through her literary debut.

Accompanied by artist Michael Barr Waltz’s ink illustrations, Beyond the Blockade examines and dissects provocative and existential motifs of life through the lens of a young lover. Divided into five distinct movements that parallel periods of growth and reflection–Overture, Clavier Sonata, Scarlet Suite, Pathétique Lamentoso, and Coda–used to underscore and viscerally amplify the narrative.

Beyond the Blockade is provocative yet contemporary, romantic yet tragic. Duality is the overarching theme. Ketmanee’s musings of the intricate duplexities of aesthetic theory, existentialism, love, lust, and metaphysics run rampant throughout the collection. Her interpretation of age-old philosophical questions on beauty and its varied meanings will indulge the reader, while simultaneously opening up questions for further elaboration and interpretation.

The book is available February 23, 2021 in both paperback and eBook. To learn more about Ketmanee, visit

About New Ballad Publishing:

New Ballad Publishing is an independent publisher based in New York that gives authors full creative control of their craft and aims to position itself at the intersection of poetry, music, and visual arts.

Mindy E. Chen, New Ballad Publishing

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