Where Are Gaming Sites Available?

Founded in 2017, Stake.com is one of the most well-known and respected online gaming sites. Not only does this portal offer well over 1,000 games, but its sports betting options are equally as impressive. More than ten languages are supported and this website is also known for its very active user community.

The good news is that this website can now be accessed by players who happen to be located in the United Kingdom. However, this is a rather new occurrence; its official licence was granted by the UK Gambling Commission in December 2021 (number 38898). It is nonetheless a good idea to take a quick look at what other regions permit this website to operate as well as why it is still unavailable in some areas. Whether you plan on travelling in the near future or you simply wish to know where this online gaming portal may be headed, the information found below should be helpful.

Which Countries Permit Access to This Website?

Ever since its inception, Stake com has been extremely popular with the online casino and sports betting community. Some of the primary benefits associated with this website include superior levels of customer service, frequent promotions, return-to-player (RTP) rates as high as 99 per cent, and the possibility to use cryptocurrencies as a payment method. So, where is this website available? While the list of nations is quite extensive, here are a handful of regions in addition to the United Kingdom:

  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Poland

Note that this is only a handful of countries which permit Stake.com.

Why is it Still Blocked in Certain Areas?

Although this website can be accessed in a host of different regions, the fact of the matter is that players from some countries may still be restricted. These nations include (but are not limited to) the United States, the Netherlands, Portugal, France, Australia, and the Czech Republic. So, why is this the case?

Let us take the United Kingdom as an example to appreciate the big picture. Considering that Stake was founded in 2017, why did it require nearly five years to be approved by the UK Gaming Commission? There are several reasons to highlight. The most important variable involves the fact that Stake was originally licenced solely by the Curacao Gaming Authority. Thus, it was required to establish a headquarters in the United Kingdom to be approved domestic players. This is why Stake established offices located on the Isle of Man.

Secondly, the approval process in regard to online gaming simply takes time as a result of the due diligence that is necessary to confirm superior levels of transparency. Thankfully, Stake is known for its attention to detail as well as its robust security measures. It should therefore come as no surprise that its approval was only a matter of time.

Whether you are a fan of online casinos or you enjoy betting on sports, Stake will certainly not disappoint.