Five Types of Restaurants in Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has become known for many things, but it will always be famous for barbecue. However, barbecue isn’t the only type of food that is popular in the capital of Texas. There are all kinds of different restaurants and food scenes popping up in the city. With such an eclectic, diverse, and odd group of locals, so many different styles of food can be successful. Whether you are trying to open your own restaurant or are just visiting the city and want to find the best food around, below are five types of restaurants you will be able to find in Austin, Texas.


Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Austin has perhaps more barbecue places per capita than just about anywhere. It is known for amazing smoked meats. Whether you are headed to Franklin’s Barbecue, Terry Black’s, Stubbs, La Barbecue, or elsewhere, there is no shortage of amazing meat to enjoy in Austin. Spend a while in the city because if you don’t, you will get sick of eating so much meat. If you want to try all the barbecue that Austin has to offer, you might as well move to the city. It will take you a while to cover it all.

Virtual Kitchens

Austin has a blossoming delivery service and pick-up scene. One of the popular ways to sell food during the pandemic and beyond is as a virtual kitchen. Austin ghost kitchens, as they are known, are serving food to people around the city without a dining room. Businesses like famous chef David Chang’s Fuku. While Fuku serves sandwiches and fries at all hours of the day and night, they aren’t the only business doing delivery and pick-up only. This has become a popular way to get a business off the ground or expand into new markets.


Austin is the capital of Texas, and that comes with some benefits. The city is home to many high-end restaurants, where politicians, celebrities, and wealthy business people alike go to dine. One of the most popular restaurants serving new arrivals in the area is Arlo Grey. Opened by Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, this restaurant could be seen as the antidote to barbecue. There are many vegetables and freshly prepared dishes meant to be shared. Don’t miss her take on Hamburger Helper pasta, which is an elevated but hearty dish. Arlo Grey is joined by a slew of steakhouses, fine Italian restaurants, and more. There are plenty of high-end restaurants in Austin.


When you hear the word “artisanal” you might think of fine dining. This isn’t always the case. For example, Austin has a tradition of middle-of-the-road restaurants that elevate the craft of what they are doing and avoid the stuffiness of fine dining. Dai Due in Austin is a great one. The literal translation of the restaurant’s name means “come two” but it really means “from two kingdoms of nature, choose food with care.” Dai Due sources only from Texas, and they make some amazingly delicious dishes with all the local ingredients. From hunted game to freshly picked vegetables if you’re a local-vore Dai Due is the spot for you.

Tex Mex

In Austin, there are all kinds of Mexican restaurants. Tex Mex is the Texas style of Mexican food, but this is not where it ends. There is some fresh, authentic Mexican food at Veracruz All Natural. This healthy and delicious food isn’t like your average Mexican American restaurant, it’s better. There are also plenty of taco trucks and other food trucks serving Mexican food. When you’re in Texas, though, you simply must try Tex Mex—where queso is king.

Austin loves to eat. With so many people moving to the capital of Texas, restaurants are popping up to serve all the different types of people. Whether you are looking for classic barbecue, fine dining, fresh and local, or a great taco truck, Austin has it all. Are you thinking about starting a restaurant in Austin? You might want to try to think outside the box. If you’re visiting, be sure to try all these various kinds of places to eat. In Austin, eating is not just a pastime. It’s a way of life.