Five Industries Moving to Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has thrived during the pandemic. There are many reasons why it has become a hot spot for many different types of people, businesses, and professionals. Rich and famous people have relocated to Austin. They have brought with them not just their money, but their culture and influence. Thousands of people have followed them. Both left and right-brained people are being drawn to Austin. Below is who is moving to the capital of Texas and why.

Engineering & Technological Innovation

Elon Musk hasn’t just moved his businesses to Austin, he has said that the city will be the next big American boomtown. Musk has brought Tesla and SpaceX to Texas among his other ventures. With Elon Musk moving to the Austin area, engineers, scientists, and innovators will come to work at his companies. Other tech businesses and engineers will follow him and his empire. Other tech, social media, and web design companies will also pop up in the area. It’s safe to say that Austin is set to become a hub of technological innovation.

Social Media & Hybrid Tech

You name the company and they’re probably opening an office in Austin. Everyone from Google to Amazon to Canva are coming to the capital of Texas. This shows no sign of stopping. In Austin, there is the combination between no state tax and the progressive environment of the city. In many ways, it is the perfect place for tech hybrid companies that need technology to function, but it isn’t their main business. Whatever business they’re in, large companies of all kinds will move to Austin to take advantage of the fewer taxes.


With the pandemic restrictions making it difficult for comedians to perform, Austin has become one of the biggest comedy cities in the United States. After Joe Rogan announced that he would move his podcast exclusively to Spotify, he also announced that he would be moving to Austin. He called for comedians to follow him, and many have. In Austin, you can go see comedy just about every night of the week and comics can perform without worrying about the pandemic restrictions and lockdowns. The famous New York comedy venue The Creek & The Cave even relocated to Austin.


Even before the above industries began to move to Austin, the restaurant scene was beginning to explode. While the city is known for its barbecue, there are other types of food to be found in the capital of Texas. You can find healthy Mexican, comfort Italian, vegan food—just about anything. Now, even more chefs are moving to Austin and opening a restaurant there. To respond to this, businesses have been facilitating the initial set-up. Setting up a ghost kitchen in Austin helps chefs get their restaurant open in a much shorter amount of time using a stripped down back of house.


Austin has always been known for live music, and they haven’t stopped having musicians play in their city. Musicians are moving to Texas to get to play. Audiences are enthusiastic and there are many places to perform. While music has typically gravitated towards larger cities, with fewer shows happening in New York or Los Angeles, musicians are now headed for mid-sized cities like Nashville and Austin. It’s not news that Austin is a hub for live music, but now it has become even more of a destination for people who make their living playing music live in front of audiences. Austin is one of the best places for them.

Austin is a city that has become a hub for arts, technology, and nightlife. Bars and restaurants will continue to open in Austin to meet the demand of the incoming engineers, musicians, comedians, and others. These above industries aren’t the only ones moving to the capital of Texas. There are plenty of others.

Between the relaxed pandemic restrictions, the bustling economy, zero state tax, and a mixed culture that loves barbecue, comedy, and art, Austin has it all. It’s no wonder that people are coming to the city from around the country. It was perfectly positioned as the libertine place where it matters less what side of the aisle you’re on politically and more what kind of person you are.