Five Jobs for Those Who Want To Travel & Work

Between the revolution of remote work post-pandemic and the inability to travel for so long, many people are trying to find new ways to move around and continue to work at the same time. Whether your career is conducive to a nomadic lifestyle or you want to switch careers for the freedom to move around more, there are plenty of options for jobs that allow you to travel. The world is changing. It is becoming smaller and more globalized. With so many ways to work and travel simultaneously, it is possible to get what you want from work and life. Below are five jobs that enable you to work and travel.

Medical Jobs

Medical jobs can provide the ability to travel to different places. Being a travel doctor or nurse allows these professionals to gain experience living and working somewhere else for a while. Depending on the contract, medical personnel can go many places. 

When your profession is in demand, it is much easier to travel to places for work. For example, nursing jobs in NYC can offer these workers the ability to come to New York, but this city is just the beginning. It is possible to find nursing positions around the country and, if you’re lucky, around the world.


Whether you are a freelancer or a full-time remote worker, copywriting is another occupation that could allow you to move around and work wherever you are. In this case, traveling isn’t necessarily a part of the job, but it is a position that could allow you to move around and enjoy the world and make some money while you’re at it.

It is difficult to get started in freelance copywriting—you will likely need to learn search engine optimization (SEO)—but if you can get the ball rolling it is a job that can provide freedom. Security might be hard to come by. If it’s your goal to travel on a budget and make money to fund those adventures, copywriting could be a good option for you.


Are you an established teacher? You could use your credentials and experience to travel around the world, but you don’t need to be a teacher already to do it. English teachers are in demand around the world. No experience is needed. If you are dedicated to living abroad for a while, immersing yourself in a new culture, and earning some money while you’re at it, teaching could be the job for you.

Even if you just want to move around the country, teachers can find new jobs where they are needed. Want to move somewhere else or move around a bit every semester or year? Teaching is a universal job that you can do just about anywhere. It all depends on the circumstances, but if you want to teach it can make traveling possible for you.

Sell Your Travel Experiences

The dream for many people is to monetize your travels. This could be done in a variety of ways, but it is indeed possible. You could start a blog that advertises. You could sell articles to travel magazines and guides. You could sell photos of places and people. What about starting a YouTube channel? If your goal is to make money on the experiences themselves it may not be easy, but you could get the job done. Follow your dreams and do your best to experience travel genuinely and turn it into a job later.


Do you speak another language fluently? One great position that could enable you to travel is becoming a translator. For example, if you speak Spanish well there are plenty of places you can go to translate from English to Spanish or Spanish to another language. Translating provides the ability to be mobile. Depending on your history with language, you could already have the credentials necessary to travel to new places and work while you’re there.

These occupations above are just the beginning when it comes to working and traveling. There are plenty of different positions that make it possible to travel. Whether you are going out on your own or are working for a company that doesn’t require you to be in a specific place, you just might be able to follow your dream of working and traveling around the world.

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