Dwell Leeds a Letting agents in Leeds believes property demand will remain high in Leeds despite cost of living crisis

Even though the housing market is beginning to cool off, Dwell Leeds believe that due to high rentals and the economic growth in Leeds over the years, the city won’t be hit as hard as elsewhere in the country in terms of property price reductions and demand. 
Dwell have also built up quite the customer base for lettings over the past few years, which means they are less impacted by declining property prices if Leeds does take a bigger fall in price than expected.
This is in alignment with predictions from John Howe, who stated that “Leeds’ economic characteristics will help it withstand any fall in housing market growth that is likely to be experienced elsewhere in the country.” when speaking to the Yorkshire Evening Post

The Northern Powerhouse is no doubt a great investment opportunity over the next few years, so whatever happens, as long as companies and businesses can withstand any short-term market turmoil, companies like Dwell Leeds will be able to continually benefit from the growth in the region. It is hard to disagree with Dwell’s belief as well, due to the fact that Leeds is the UK’s fastest growing city. 

Jon the owner seems happy with how things look on the horizon for now. Their spread of services from HMOs to letting management will allow them to sustain good growth in the months and years ahead. 

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