Eco-Friendly Summer with “Salt-Water Sandal”

Eco-Friendly Summer with “Salt-Water Sandal”

Sizzling summers prompt a renewed discussion on sustainability and eco-responsibility. The “Salt-Water Sandal” – distributed by Salt-Water Sandals UK Ltd. – has always been unwasteful. The first “Original” pair was created by Walter Hoy for his daughter Margery,  from reclaimed leather, due to the shortage of materials during World War II.

This sandal was an instant success with friends and family, and soon Margery’s brother, Bob, got his very own pair. The timeless design and resourcefulness of the “Original Salt-Water Sandal” is the key to its longevity. Its signature is a  tough little-way stitched rubber sole and leather coated with a water-resistant sealant that moulds to the user’s feet with repeated wear. To ensure its water resistance, the sandals feature rust-proof metal tongue buckles that allow the straps to be adjusted for narrow or wide feet, which no doubt helped to grow its fan base.  Its smart and pretty braided design has become a reference to which other brands may have paid a tribute, even almost seven decades after its conception in 1944.

The “Original Salt-Water Sandal” has been a wardrobe staple in America for generations. Unchanged, it remains an iconic cult classic that is now available all-around Europe and online in multiple colours from sizes EU 22 to EU 41-42.

Another model that takes on the “Original” design, is the “Swimmer” range, both for adults and kids.

The “Swimmer” is part of the “Sun-San” range that is built upon a bouncier urethane bonded base for maximum comfort, both on the beach and in the park. It is also made of waterproof leather, with a rust-proof brass buckle and adjustable straps.  Available in multiple colours from size EU 20-22 to size EU 41-42, so both moms and kids can have a matching set.

As a sustainable brand, “Salt-Water Sandal” helps to keep oceans plastic-free. “Salt-Water Sandal’s” packaging is completely plastic-free and recyclable.  The iconic and heritage brand is supporting the Marine Conservation Society, a UK-based charity, fighting for cleaner, better protected, and healthier oceans, by donating 10% of ALL SILVER coloured sandals on their trilingual website in the UK, EU, and South-East Asia.

Salt-Water Sandals UK Ltd., is the distributor of Salt-Water Sandals, an American heritage brand created in 1944, under the direction of Rachael Lainé, CEO.

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