Resource Finder and May Parsons RN supporting international nurses to ‘arrive and thrive’ in the NHS.

Resource Finder Recruitment further enhances their commitment to the support and growth of nurses coming into the NHS from overseas by uniting with the widely recognised nurse, May Parsons, who recently accepted the George Cross by Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales on behalf of the UK’s National Health Service. 
The demand for nurses within the NHS has increased significantly with Resource Finder recognised as not only one of the most prominent recruiters for the NHS, but one of the most caring and invested towards the NHS and the transitional support for nurses making the life-changing move from overseas to the UK. 
Alongside a robust and assured process led by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to obtain registered nurse status in the UK, Resource Finder launches the ‘Arrive and Strive’ initiative to maximise support for nurses arriving in the UK to work within the NHS. The aim of the initiative is not just to shorten the transitional gap from one healthcare service to another, it is to guide nurses forward in both their careers and lives in the UK. 
From 17th August, Resource Finder and May, a matron for respiratory services in the NHS, will be hosting nursing support seminars across the Philippines to meet many nurses who aspire to come and work in the NHS. With such demands placed on the UK’s National Health Service, both Resource Finder and May recognise the significant need for support through what is a big move for nurses both professionally and personally, particularly after a global pandemic. Nurses who attend will learn more about the needs of the NHS and the opportunities to ‘arrive and thrive’ within one of the most recognisable healthcare services in the world which continues to rely heavily on the recruitment of nurses internationally. The opportunities within the UK’s National Healthcare Service are vast, which is demonstrated excellently by May herself who arrived in the UK twenty years ago and has made exceptional progress to become a senior and well-recognised figure within the nursing realms of the NHS.
“As an internationally educated nurse, I went through the process of huge change and growth through the discomfort. I found that if a person is accepted wholly and assimilated into the community, it is the key to their successful adaptation. 
I wasn’t just a number, I found my community and thrived. I kept my culture as well as fall in love with new ones. My personal values were strengthened whilst discovering new passions. I found a way to keep “me” in my new world and flourished. 

Resource Finder helps people like me to preserve our uniqueness and diversity whilst helping nurses traverse the new world and find a community that supports you as a person. Nurses are not just a number. Nurses are incredibly unique and so is their journey. I completely resonate with Resource Finder’s values and efforts to help nurses achieve success and be the best version of themselves”. May Parsons. 
Robert Fuller, Resource Finder’s Founder and Managing Director says: “Seeing what has been achieved by May Parsons and many others just demonstrates the benefits of nurturing and growing those nurses who come to the UK and make such a commitment and contribution to the NHS. Resource Finder focuses on more than just recruitment and is delighted to be launching the ‘Arrive and Thrive’ initiative alongside May, starting in the Philippines this month”.

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