Tips and tricks to avoid truck accidents

Trucks are much more vulnerable to accidents than passenger cars. Many factors increase the possibility of truck accidents. Truck drivers are required to travel long distances within a time limit. They drive at a much higher speed on highways, and the huge length and weight of the truck increase the chances of collision. As a passenger car driver, you should be aware of some things when driving on highways full of trucks. Contact a houston truck accident attorney for legal help if you have faced a truck accident. Here are some tips and tricks to avoid truck accidents. 

Give space

Trucks are usually huge and are quite heavy. It is not advisable to drive close to a truck. It is not easy for a truck driver to control a truck at high speed on a highway. It needs a huge space to run. Commercial trucks also take much more time to slow down. When driving near a truck, maintain a suitable distance from it to reduce the chances of a serious wreck.

Avoid blind spots

A commercial truck has a lot of blind spots because of its huge size. The blind spots include 20 feet in front of the truck, 30 feet behind the truck, the side view mirror to the cab on the left, the side view mirror, and the cab on the right. Avoid driving in these truck areas as the truck driver cannot see you there.

Pass quickly 

Avoid stopping or reducing your speed while passing a huge truck. Don’t try to pass when the possibility is low. Pass when possible and try to maintain your speed while passing.

Stop when the truck is turning

If you are behind the truck and the truck is turning, the best thing you can do is to stop and let the truck pass. The truck needs huge spaces to turn. Hence, don’t try to overtake or go near it while it is turning.

Road and weather conditions

Controlling huge trucks is difficult. Moreover, weather plays a huge role.  Hence, controlling the truck on a bad road and under weather conditions is much more difficult. Many truck accidents happen due to bad weather conditions and roads.

Give clear signals

While overtaking a truck or driving near a truck, use clear signals to communicate with the truck driver so that the truck driver is aware of any action you are taking.

Driving near a truck can be frustrating, but don’t lose patience. Avoid rash driving and give space to the truck driver. While driving near a truck, follow these tricks and tips to avoid severe road wrecks and crashes.