Benefits of Having Your Own Buffing Machine for the Car

You may have always thought that you don’t need to buy any kind of special equipment for cleaning or polishing your car. Wax and polish can be applied by hand, right? So why bother with something like a buffing machine, for example? In fact, buying a buffing machine for your car is important if you really care about the quality and state of the paint work.

There are actually several benefits to getting your own machine rather than relying on others to have one and buff the paint for you.

  1. You Save Money Fast

A polisher might set you back a few hundred dollars or so, but this is a tool used as part of a typical car detailing service, which in Australia range from $150 at the low end of the market, and up to $400 at the high end. Polishing with such tools is typically not offered at the lower end, so therefore there’s a good chance that your polisher will pay for itself after being used just a handful of times, perhaps even just twice.

  1. You Learn New Skills

Operating a car buffer at first seems tricky, but there are simple skills and techniques you can pick up just from looking online and finding how it works. You can use the buffer on another metal surface to practice if it makes you more comfortable, but most users agree that it’s just a question of getting a hang of balancing speed, motion and pressure. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about.

  1. You Save Time When Waxing/Polishing

Even if you follow some detailers’ advice and wax on by hand, and then wax off with the buffing machine, you still save time overall because it means at least half of the process is being done by the more efficient machine. Some claim that using the applicator pads with rotary buffers can risk swirl marks and that straight-line motions by hand are safer. Modern buffing machines are much better than those of the past, however, and so perhaps this doesn’t apply any more.

In any case, you save a great deal of time by making use of the buffer.

  1. Achieve a More Even Shine

If you do both the application and removal of your wax/polish with the buffing machine, then it is easier to get an even coating and even finish, too. When doing things by hand, it’s easy to start off very evenly and apply the product very well, but as time goes on and your hands get tired, it’s hard to maintain that same standard.

The buffing machine never gets tired unless the electricity goes off for some reason. Therefore, once you master the right pressure and speed at which to use it, you can get the job done to a much better standard.

  1. It Helps You Build Confidence in Your Cleaning Skills

Rotary buffers in particular achieve excellent results in a short time, which in turn helps drivers gain a confidence boost in their ability to shine and protect their car’s paint. With such strong results, drivers can also have a better chance at retaining a greater resale value on their car years down the road if and when they want to sell it. A lustrous and rich-coloured paint job on the car’s surface with showroom quality shine is just what buyers love to see. A quality paint job is one of the many things that can help boost resale value.

So there are many good reasons to consider buying your own buffing machine for your car. Who said this equipment has to be left in the hands of expensive detailing professionals? There’s no reason we can’t all enjoy the benefits.

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