Popular UK Dating Coach Johnny Cassell Has Recently Announced Two More Dates for Dating Workshops

Upcoming Dating Workshops are being held on 27th August 2022 in the UK, and 26 November 2022 in USA.

About Johnny
For anyone new to the dating scene, Johnny Cassell is one of the leading dating experts mainly based in the UK. In addition to dating training, Johnny also provides personal development training to help people with everything from assertiveness training to those that need help with social anxiety.

This is available on both a one to one, group, or even via Skype/Zoom for those that prefer the remote option.

Johnny got into the world of dating training due to initially having issues himself with talking to and approaching women. This led Johnny to start out on a quest to resolve these issues by learning and analysing human behaviour. Through observing, reading, and putting himself out there, Johnny was able to unlock his potential, and starting to really hone his skills in this area.

This motivated Johnny to try and help others facing the same issues, by breaking down the whole process in simple steps to try and help others achieve the same goal.

Do I need a Dating Coach?
This is one of the most common questions students ask. The answer to this is, if you are not really getting much success, or things are progressing very slowly it should be a resounding YES!

Getting that all important third person perspective from a professional dating coach can be invaluable when it comes to getting success. This will help to quickly identify areas in which you are struggling. Additionally, your dating expert will help you to build on areas where you are already doing well.

This is one of the reasons that Johnny has built up such a loyal following for his workshops, which are now held at various locations globally. He has built a superb team of dating experts to help work on a huge range of skills. Many students have reported this has helped not only for their personal dating lives, but also in business too.

Some of the areas that Johnny and the team will work on include:

– Assertiveness and Self-Esteem Training
– Confidence Building
– Working on Tonality and Conversation
– Mastering Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication
– Dealing with Social Anxiety and Shyness
– Chat Up Lines / Indirect and Direct Conversation Openers
– Methods to Project Positivity
– Self-Image
– Creating your Dating Profile
– Developing a dating/personal development strategy and goals

To get some more information on Johnny’s dating workshops, please reach out to Johnny directly on +44 7595 934 219, or a member of the team through live chat on the website.

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