How to Choose the Right Thermocooker

A thermocooker is convenient cookware as it prevents overcooking and retains your food’s flavor and nutrients. You need to get the right one to enjoy highly nutritious food at a convenient time and place. When buying a thermocooker, here’s what you should consider:

Consider Insulation Method 

Thermocookers fall into two main categories: vacuum–insulated and foam–insulated. While both options have their benefits, one can be better for you than the other, depending on your needs and budget.

The vacuum-insulated option is popular for its heat retention. Food stays hotter for longer in a vacuum-insulated thermocooker than in a foam-insulated one. This option is completely sealed, so there’s little chance of mold or bacteria growth.

Foam-insulated thermocookers are more budget-friendly and less susceptible to damage. They can be ideal if you have a limited budget and are looking for durable cookware.

If you prioritize cooking speed, consider vacuum-insulated cookers since they retain more heat and can cook faster.

Consider Cooking Capacity 

Thermocookers operate under the principle of heat retention. They cook using the heat trapped in the insulated container. The fuller the inner pot, the more the trapped heat, and the faster the food will cook.

Choose a size proportional to the food your household consumes. If you have a large family, a bigger cooker is better as you’ll cook your food once to save time. A smaller cooker can be the best choice if you anticipate cooking for a few people.

Consider Materials Used

Thermocookers contain three main parts — the inner pot, lid, and outer pot. Look at the materials used in making each part before making your choice.

The inner pot is the most sensitive part as it is in direct contact with food. Stainless steel is the safest and most durable material for the inner pot. The best inner pots have silicone gaskets in their mouths. Gaskets seal in liquids, preventing leaking while cooking.

As all thermocooker lids are made of plastic, make sure to assess the kind of plastic used. One of the most suitable plastic for cookware is BPA-free. It allows thermocookers to retain more heat and can be safer than other plastic options.

When buying your cooker, you’ll find steel and plastic outer pot options. If you’re concerned about durability, the steel option can be ideal. You can opt for a plastic outer pot if you want to add color to your kitchen, as they’re available in many colors.

Consider the Number of Inner Pots

Some thermocookers come with two pots, whereas others contain one pot. The ideal choice depends on the number of dishes you’ll be preparing.

The two-pot option can be suitable if you want to cook multiple dishes at once. This may come at an extra cost, but it’s worth it since you’ll spend less time preparing food. Are you going on a picnic or packing for a more physical activity? If you use your thermocooker for outdoor adventuring, look for one with fewer inner pots. This will help lower the weight of the thermocooker.

Why Invest In a Thermocooker?

Thermocookers are must-haves in modern households for various reasons, including:

  • They save money since they don’t consume gas or electricity when cooking
  • They don’t overcook food as they cook slowly using the insulated heat
  • They retain food flavors, supplements, and minerals
  • You don’t have to constantly check on your food when cooking
  • You can use them for storage as they keep food hot for hours
  • They’re safer than other cooking options since they don’t use electricity or gas

These cookers are portable, and you can use them for cooking safely when traveling. They can be suitable for campers as they don’t depend on electricity or fuel to function.

Choose Your Thermocooker Wisely 

When buying a thermocooker, consider the cookware’s insulation method, cooking capacity, and materials used before choosing it. Vacuum-insulated thermocookers can retain heat for longer, cooking your food quickly. Foam-insulated thermocookers are durable and more affordable, so they can be suitable if you’re on a tight budget. There’s something for everyone when it comes to thermocookers.

Make sure you know your needs before shopping for a thermocooker. You can get delicious meals on the go for adventures or picnics with these cookers.