Where Can I Sell My Handmade Soaps?

Soap is one of the easiest products you can make at home. The supplies needed to make soap are readily available, and the product can last for several months on the shelf. All you need is quality soap making supplies and a strong brand. You should consider where you’ll sell the packaged soap, which can be anything from your website to online marketplaces. Here are tips for identifying the best places to sell handmade soaps:

  1.    Sell Your Handmade Soap Online

The best place to sell handmade soaps is online. Many people purchase home supplies online, and you can leverage online marketplaces to set up your shop. Stores like Amazon offer simple FBA models, where sellers can send their inventory and forget the logistics. The store will charge a fixed monthly price and take care of inventory management, order picking, packaging, and shipping. You can sell handmade soap from your website.

If you choose to sell independently, you must set up the website, process orders, and think about inventory management. Selling soap online has many benefits because you can operate the business from home. Simply market the products and create a professional website or online store where customers can place their orders. Whether you choose a marketplace or independent website, make sure your product is well branded, and matches demanded quality.

  1.    Sell to Successful Wholesalers 

Wholesaling handmade soaps may seem like a tough ask for starters but is more feasible than most models. With wholesaling, you need to find reputable retailers that can accept your product. You can start with local retailers and stores and negotiate a deal to get your products to their shelves. Convincing retailers begins with making high-quality soaps, so you’ll need the best soap-making supplies and procedures. You should create attractive packaging.

Selling to wholesalers is a fast way to gain market presence and brand exposure. You’ll have access to the wholesaler’s customer base and marketing resources. Don’t forget to market your products separately and tell customers they can find the soaps from nearby retail stores. You can still create a website and a shop with multiple marketplaces. The goal is to leverage existing channels to get your products readily available to customers.

  1.    Sell at Shows and Events

From Octoberfest street fairs to Christmas expos and craft shows, soap sellers have no shortage of venues with buyers. Selling at shows and events is perfect for handmade products like soap. You can pitch the soap to genuine buyers and get real-time feedback. The interaction creates a relationship with the customer in ways that virtual screens can’t emulate. Events/shows don’t come often, and some niches don’t align with selling soap, so you need to do a bit of brainstorming.

Note all upcoming shows where you can exhibit and sell your soap and make sure you have quality products. Event attendees are observant and won’t purchase soap that doesn’t reflect premium quality. Your soap should feature valuable ingredients and have a distinct edge to distinguish it from what’s already available. Each show is unique and may have specific patents. Research the show in advance and tweak your packaging to reflect the occasion.

  1.    Sell at Street Fairs and Farmer’s Markets

Street fairs are great venues for selling handmade soaps, especially if the attendees are your target market. You can set up your stand on an exclusive spot near complementary booths. Stay away from competitors to stand out and pitch your value without distraction. The best booths are near people selling hair and beauty products, clothing, jewelry, and decorations. You can set up near stalls selling glassware, pet supplies, and other highly demanded products.

Farmer’s markets are other excellent seller venues. You’ll need high-quality handmade soaps with organic ingredients and natural fragrances. Consider the common theme at the farmer’s markets to choose the right ingredients and supplies for your soap. Selling soap at street fairs and farmer’s markets requires physical presence, which gives you real-time feedback and offline brand presence. You can use such opportunities to push your products in different locations.

Start With Quality Soap Making Supplies

Finding seller venues to market your handmade soap is easy, thanks to online marketplaces and local events. If you plan to sell handmade soap, start with the best supplies. Premium quality soap making supplies and procedures will give you a product that users want to continue using. You should choose suitable packaging and design elements.

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