Tired of the daily grind? You’ll love this new portable coffee maker

A FIREFIGHTER with a burning ambition, is hoping to make his ‘coffee maker that brews on the move’, a reality.

Inventor Tom Randall, has created an ingenious solution which allows people to add the ingredients for their coffee to a portable device, without immediately brewing it.

Grounds are added to the main section, before the plunger is depressed and screwed shut. Only then is hot water added, along with any milk or sugar.

And after three years of product development, Tom and his team at Túbereka are set to launch a Kickstarter global community campaign, on October 17, where they are aiming to raise £55,000 to help manufacture the first production units and deliver them to market midway through 2018.

The word bereka – pronounced ‘beh-rek-a’ – represents the philosophy of ‘one more coffee for the road’ in Ethiopian coffee culture.

Tom said: “Having to make coffee, in a portable travel mug, before leaving home in the morning, just didn’t make sense.

The term ‘portable’ should refer to the coffee maker being able to actually brew coffee on the move.

Existing travel mugs require people to make coffee at their point of departure, where there is an available source of hot water. But doing so is time consuming and the flavour of the fresh coffee is already starting to evolve after it is made.

Túbereka brews coffee in different ways, depending on where people are at any given time, ensuring fresh coffee can made on the move, at home and in the office.

The leak-proof vessel, which is easy to clean, only takes 90 seconds to brew and can carry three pods to store a fresh supply of coffee for the day ahead.

Because the maker carries fresh grounds, it means you can have three different types of coffee, to suit various times of the day.
The coffee maker will be available to buy priced £49 but those who want to sign up to the early bird offers on Kickstarter, can visit:http://www.tubereka.com.

Notes to editors:
• Kickstarter is an enormous global community built around creativity and creative projects. Over 10 million people, from every continent, have backed a Kickstarter project.
• The team are encouraging people to sign up on their website  to receive launch reminders, as the early bird rewards include very special Kickstarter prices.

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