Chef Niaz Caan Launches his Solo Restaurant, Paro Covent Garden

Chef Niaz Caan Launches his Solo Restaurant, Paro Covent Garden

Enjoying an enviable location at the heart of one of London’s most sought-after districts, Paro Covent Garden is the brainchild of Chef Niaz Caan, a man hailed as one of the UK’s most talented Indian chefs. Billed as ‘a love letter to Kolkata’, Paro is Chef Niaz’s debut solo venture, with the chef having opened his first restaurant aged just 23 years old.

Having worked in restaurants from the age of 14, Chef Niaz Caan was a driving force behind the colossal success of City Spice in London’s Brick Lane. Caan is also a published author, having written his own vegan cookbook specialising in Indian cuisine. In addition to sharing vegan recipes in his book, Chef Niaz Caan also incorporated an extensive selection of vegan curries in the City Spice menu. While the latter restaurant claims to offer Brick Lane’s first ever all-vegan current menu, Paro Covent Garden also incorporates meat and fish dishes in its menu alongside vegetarian and vegan options.

Paro Covent Garden’s pre-theatre and a la carte options incorporate sharing dishes and small plates, providing a modern interpretation of the classic Indian flavours of West Bengal. Common themes running through the menu include bally black daal, mango chickpea chaat, slow-cooked black lentils and Caan’s grandmother’s secret spice mix. Paro presents an eclectic mix of classical and contemporary dishes, including Toddy Shop Tiger Prawns, cottage cheese roll, and Paro’s signature slow-roasted lamb shanks accompanied by charred garlic, coriander and saffron.

Seating up to 120 diners in the main dining room, Paro Covent Garden also has capacity for an additional 30 covers at the bar. A tall order for any young chef’s debut, Paro Covent Garden is situated within The Lyceum Theatre at 21 Wellington Street. Its interiors are specially designed to capitalise on the abundance of natural light flooding through the venue’s three-metre-tall windows, with its white sandstone walls adorned with vibrant botanical-inspired artwork.

Having earned distinction from Esquire Magazine as one of the publication’s ‘59 top Restaurants to Dine In’, Paro Covent Garden shared the spotlight with some of London’s most renowned establishments. The restaurant presents a unique opportunity for patrons to immerse themselves in an opulent ambiance reminiscent of an authentic Kolkatan village, indulging in exquisite cuisine. Chef Niaz Caan invites diners on a gastronomic journey covering thousands of miles, providing a meticulously crafted menu designed to tantalize the tastebuds.

Paro Covent Garden’s curries incorporate Caan’s grandmother’s bespoke spice mix, a closely-guarded secret that incorporates a total of 48 sumptuous spices selected from Kolkata’s bustling bazaars. Each element imparts unique flavours and aromas, carrying its own tale from the vibrant, spice-laden streets of this mystical city.

Paro Covent Garden fuses classic Indian dining with contemporary elements. Driven by their passion for culinary excellence and love for Kolkata, Chef Niaz Caan and his team offer more than just delicious dishes, delivering unforgettable dining experiences. Having earned a prominent reputation as a pioneer of modern Indian cuisine, Chef Niaz Caan has worked with some of the UK’s finest Indian chefs in some of the best restaurant kitchens. He has also featured on national television programmes spotlighting his flare for Indian cooking.

Launched with the mission of imbuing the magic of spices and the warmth of Indian cookery, Chef Niaz Caan’s debut restaurant was created as a celebration of diversity, unity and shared love for Kolkata’s gastronomic delights. Located in the heart of Covent Garden and forming part of the historic Lyceum Theatre building, Paro Covent Garden is also a stone’s throw from theatres showing numerous renowned musical shows, including the likes of Mamma Mia and The Play That Goes Wrong. The venue offers a special three-course pre-theatre menu, as well as an assortment of other dining options to tantalise the tastebuds.