Pendulums: A Psychics Tool for Energy Guidance

Pendulums: A Psychics Tool for Energy Guidance

There are a lot of psychic tools that readers use to bring forth information from behind the veil. Even though each requires a specific skill set and base of knowledge, each aims to achieve the same effect, which is to provide occult information to the client. In pendulum readings, particular questions are answered as the psychic picks up on subtle vibrations while moving in the direction of the invisible energy around the client.

What Can You Expect During a Pendulum Reading?

A pendulum is a tool that psychics use to divine information from the unknown. In pendulum psychic readings, psychics use a pendulum to gain divine guidance from the spirit. Pendulums are renowned for their accuracy and ability to guide clients to favorable resolutions to their scenarios.

Other Tools of the Psychic

Other types of psychic readings are named for the tools that are employed during the reading. Often, psychics are skilled in employing several of the tools of their trade. It’s not uncommon for a psychic to be proficient with the pendulum, tarot cards, numerology and other means of divination.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards fall under the cartomancy classification, which involves using a deck of cards for readings. They are used to gain insights into the past, present and future by answering questions posed to the cards, which are drawn and laid out in a particular manner.


Palmistry involves the reading of the palms of the hands to interpret life events. Traditionally, the left hand reveals a person’s traits and the past, while the right hand represents the present and the future.


In numerology, numbers have significance and can provide information about human experiences. The numbers involved in a person’s birthdate. for instance, reflect the virtues of those numbers and have an effect on the life of the person.

Aura Reading

During an aura reading, the psychic taps into the client’s energy field. Readers can tell a client what colors their aura is and the meaning of those colors, especially as it applies to the client’s experience.

Remaining Open To Different Experiences

Did you know that psychic readings don’t only apply to communicating with human spirits in the afterlife but also with animals? Pet psychic readings aim to provide closure to the owners of lost pets by connecting with the animal’s spirits. Some psychics rely on electromagnetic energy to accomplish this and are able to provide their clients with data that can be interpreted.

Psychic medium readings live provide people with answers that they can’t get anywhere else. Whether the psychic engages in cartomancy or palm reading, and whether clients are there to inquire about a lost loved one or looking for answers about a particular situation, psychic readings have a special place in the fabric of spirituality. These gifted communicators will be around forever.

Pendulums have been used as a psychic tool for a long time because they provide accurate information. They can be used to divine information about a troubling situation or anything that you need more clarity around. Visit an online psychic medium to schedule a pendulum reading that you can use to gain clarity and perspective on your life today.