Next Level Cryptocurrency projects to try in 2022- Klaytn, Unus Sed Leo and Big Eyes

Due to the regular creation of multiple new coin initiatives like Unus Sed Leo, the market for cryptocurrencies is huge. Every day, hundreds of new cryptocurrencies are introduced to the market in an effort to address the various issues that concern both investors and users of blockchain technology. Users always have a wide range of cryptocurrency project options to choose from due to this continuous growth. A wonderful illustration is Big Eyes.

Many initiatives are built around the interests of the investors as a result. NFTs, DeFi projects like Unus Sed Leo, DEX platforms, play-to-earn blockchain games, and many more are among the numerous cryptocurrency projects, both new and old, that are now active on the blockchain. There are several programs available to investors that appear to be attractive. Testing every project, however, is not a good idea.

New cryptocurrency initiatives, like Unus Sed Leo, are announced every day. Each and every future cryptocurrency was created to answer a particular problem in the crypto world or a group of problems. The coins eventually gained acceptance and traction as a result of their practicality. Due to this, investors are continuously trying to ascertain which of the newest digital currencies or tokens, such as Big Eyes, has the biggest potential to grow. In this essay, three cryptocurrencies that have the potential to change the cryptocurrency industry completely are addressed. They are Unus Sed Leo (LEO), Klaytn (KLAY) and Big Eyes.

Unus Sed Leo (LEO)

In order to support the iFinex network and all of its services, the cryptocurrency token UNUS SED LEO was created. LEO, often referred to as UNUS SED LEO, is a cryptocurrency that was created primarily for controlling and aiding Bitfinex users. The platform itself handled the situation when the exchange was implicated in New York.

Since it was first introduced, this token, LEO, has grown so significantly that it is now used for various things. The prospect has now fully developed into a lucrative investment.

Klaytn (KLAY)

The most effective approaches to inform customers about blockchain technology are provided by Klaytn, another blockchain company. By offering something unique compared to its rivals, Klaytn sets itself apart. Cooperation between businesses and the blockchain is highly valued by the hybrid project Klaytn (KLAY). This open blockchain technology focuses on industrial applications. Compared to public and private blockchains, it has several benefits, such as distributed governance, decentralised data and control, high scalability, and low latency.

It uses Istanbul’s Byzantine Fault Tolerance in place of proofs of work and stake. On the Klaytn network, KLAY is the main native utility token. For all platform transactions and network apps created on the blockchain, KLAY has been employed. Applications inside the ecosystem benefit from the use of KLAY.

Big Eyes

Big Eyes is a DeFi meme token project that was built with the main aim of generating wealth for the DeFi ecosystem, pushing it a notch higher in the cryptocurrency world. As it is a full-on community meme token, Big Eyes was created to give more to the blockchain and its ecosystem.


One of the ways the Big Eyes project plans to do this is through NFTs. With these NFTs, Big Eyes provides access to events and content on the platform that improves the hypeship of the blockchain ecosystem.

As the Big Eyes token is based on cute kitties, it has unique features that make the experience more interesting. The ecosystem is community-driven as it provides the tokens up to 90% available to the community at launch. This is putting power into the hands of the community and promoting the ecosystem.

At the same time, Big Eyes provides an ecosystem that requires zero tax, fees and worries. The NFT collections created on the platform have the possibility of reaching the top ten scale, which brings value to the Big Eye token.