Brad Nakase’s law firm – The one stop solution for civil and criminal proceedings


Legal forms have been working round the clock for many assignments that have grappled with getting themselves solved. This situation has led to the diversification of many of their services in the present time. Legal cases have risen due to complicated legislatures getting passed across the globe, which has only added to their woes. Things have got more complex and nuanced, which has necessitated the increase of specialized legal service firms with a sound grasp on their work.

Brad Nakase and the name he has built

Corporate lawyers have sound knowledge of various corporate laws that need to be studied deeper to understand the nitty-gritty of business models and how they function in the real world when a lawsuit is filed against them. Among them, Brad Nakase has been the most prominent face in dealing with corporate cases in the most professional way. His work ethic and professionalism have been the talk of the town for quite some time now, and it has been reaching new heights recently. They have managed clients who have had to pay defaults and penalties close to $20,000. They are known for their professionalism, which has immensely contributed to their goodwill. For instance, the Nakase Law Firm civil litigation attorney in San Diego is well known for protecting their business clients.

His legal firm

California Business Lawyer & Corporate Lawyer Inc. is that name that exudes confidence and trust in the minds of their customers, many in and around cities like San Diego. Their ability to handle criminal, civil and business litigation-related cases have made them the go-to name for legal services. They have also had tremendous success in issues related to car accident law. Brad Nakase’s skill and dedication has made their legal firm so efficient in handling complicated legal affairs that they have emerged as the most trusted face of legal disputes in the entire San Diego and California circuit. Their best practice has been to allocate a specialized person to every case that comes to them. These things build a reputation for excellence and make the issue much more simplified and nuanced. In fact, at California Business Lawyer & Corporate Lawyer Inc., a corporate attorney advises corporations on compliance, responsibilities, and duties under corporate law. 

Cases they have handled

They have handled a variety of cases over the past many years. They had initially started their journey with civil and criminal matters. Still, they have also begun taking up a variety of other issues that have made their profile better than before. Earlier legal firms were limited to matters ranging from property disputes to car accidents and insurance claims. But with the changing times and onset of the information age, things have got a bit murkier. Brad Nakase’s legal firm has taken up matters related to personal injuries, including medical cases and car accidents. These matters include problems ranging from nose cuts and brain injuries to spinal injuries. He has had spectacular success in representing his clients in such cases, giving him resounding victories one after the other.

Media publications, including News Anyway, have covered their significant successes in the past few years. Their client base has swelled up as a result of that. Brad has also helped his clients secure better deals from insurance companies claiming to cover their client’s medical bills. People availing of Brad’s services have benefitted in more ways than one. They have got the expertise to resolve matters, and on top of that, they have also got legal aid at an affordable price. The insurance claim has covered the cost of treatment that they got as a result of Brad’s efforts.