Kittynomica (KIN): A Decentralized Network Utilizing The Binance Smart Chain To Deliver Metaverse and NFTs Functionalities To Users

Kittynomica (KIN): A Decentralized Network Utilizing The Binance Smart Chain To Deliver Metaverse and NFTs  Functionalities To Users

NFTs and the metaverse have become a crucial part of the crypto space. These inventions provide numerous opportunities for crypto traders and enthusiasts to earn. As a result, many traders are naturally drawn to platforms that offer metaverse and NFT functionalities to their users.

Kittynomica falls under this category. This guide will provide insights into the Kittynomica project. Additionally, we will review the BNB token and its native blockchain network, the Binance Smart Chain.

Binance Smart Chain & The BNB Coin

The Binance smart chain serves as the blockchain network powering the entire Binance ecosystem. Due to its exceptional features, several relevant crypto platforms have been developed on its network. This includes numerous metaverse and NFT platforms similar to Kittynomica.

Like most new-age blockchain networks, the BSC operates on a proof-of-stake crypto network. Additionally, the platform operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). In this capacity, Binance cedes control of its network to its community members.

The BNB coin serves as the native and utility token for all services and platforms in the Binance ecosystem. Built on the Binance smart chain, BNB offers swift transactions with cheap gas fees. The token is also crucial to creating and minting NFT, the creation of dApps, and GameFi projects on the Binance ecosystem.

As a proof-of-stake network, the Binance exchange supports staking. Thus, its users can stake several cryptocurrencies on the platform. These digital assets include the BNB token.

Kittynomica: Next Gen Metaverse & NFT Platform

Kittynomica is a decentralized blockchain-based network that delivers NFTs and Metaverse functions to its users. The Kittynomica token (KIN) is a BEP-20 token based on the Binance Smart Chain.

Like BSC, Kittynomica is one of the fastest smart contract platforms currently available in crypto. In contrast to other platforms, Kittynomica can generate blocks in 3 seconds. Additionally, the platform also offers other speedy functionalities to its users.

Like BNB, Kittynomica allows users to create, mint, and sell memes as an NFT. Creators of NFT will enjoy seamless opportunities like trading tokenized digital assets, having control over assets, and safe and secure transactions.

There are multiple advantages to using the KIN token. For example, users can generate passive income from staking. Also, Kittynomica token holders can be part of the Decentralized Autonomous organizations to participate in voting and make governance decisions.

In addition, users can purchase digital assets like land on the platform. Kittynomica Staker enjoys staking pool rewards, which will be given based on transaction volume.

Landowners are also allowed to advertise; rewards will be given as Kittynomica tokens. Kittynomica enables the easy transfer of digital assets between blockchains and improves the DeFi space.

The Binance Smart Chain and Kittynomica rely on smart contracts for transactions in their respective platforms. However, users and NFT creators should prioritize Kittynomica features because the smart contract allows for easy and fair trades.

Additional features of Kittynomica

The Kittynomica ecosystem integrates products that will give a user-friendly experience, such as

  • Marketplace: On the Kittynomica marketplace, users can upload, publish, and sell their digital assets and NFTs
  • Voxel Editor: Kittynomica platform adopts the use of Voxel Editor in creating memes before they are transferred to the marketplace for sales
  • Kittyland: LAND is a BEP-20 token, and users can create and purchase it on the Kittyverse. Though they are not real, they can be owned like physical property. Each location of the land is shown on the map.

Most importantly, meme creators can enjoy having copyright on their content and full rights to their non-fungible assets.


Registering a user account on the Kittynomica platform has different benefits. For example, users will have the ability to save KIN tokens in a secure wallet on the platform.

Also, memes can be traded and minted to earn rewards. As the Kittynomica token leverages the BSC blockchain, more revenue will be generated through token sales. Join the Kittynomica marketplace and enjoy free flow trades of your digital assets.

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