College Basketball Predictions

When it comes to college basketball betting, you can find expert advice and predictions from odds makers who specialize in the sport. These experts take a number of factors into account, including each team’s recent play, home/away splits, injuries, and previous matchups. This information can help you make informed decisions about ATS and totals bets.

Duke, for example, has a strong senior class and plenty of potential NBA players, but UNC’s younger players make them a better bet to win the ACC. Similarly, UNC is a better pick to win the SEC than Virginia, Florida State, Miami (FL), or Notre Dame. On the other hand, Kentucky has the best chance of winning the SEC and capturing the national championship. Jason Wallace and other talented players should help the Wildcats in their quest to win a title.

When it comes to college basketball predictions, it’s helpful to look at each team’s power index and adjusted points per possession. The power index is a measure of each team’s overall strength and ability to win. It also takes into account the strength of the opponents. And unlike traditional sports betting, these predictions are based on statistics, not gut instincts.

While both teams are struggling, both teams play good defense. UTEP is good at making free throws and rebounding. Meanwhile, Old Dominion can’t make any outside shots. If either of these teams can hit free throws and make threes, the team should win this game. Iona has good defense inside and has been effective in stopping threes.

College basketball picks can also be based on the Dunked Index, which is widely considered the best in the industry. It is a combination of 6-power rankings, including the AP poll and the NCAAB. This means that Odds Shark will have an advantage over the bookies. It also uses data from the public to make college basketball picks.

The pace of play is also an important factor. For example, Michigan State prefers to play up-and-down basketball, while Gonzaga prefers a half-court game. Points per game do not account for this difference, so points per possession are a better way to make college basketball predictions. In addition, it’s important to keep in mind that the box score doesn’t indicate the number of possessions, but it’s useful for estimating the pace of the game.

Injuries are another important factor during the NCAAB season. A team’s odds can change drastically if a star player goes down to injury. So, it’s important to read the injury reports carefully before placing your wagers. That way, you can avoid wasting your money and time. A well-made college basketball prediction can help you win big on the betting market.

This game is a tough one to call. Although the Panthers have a good defensive team, they struggle to make plays offensively. If they miss enough free throws and cannot rebound the ball, the Braves will win.