Patent Data and Analytics, Driving Innovation

One of the most important factors to innovation is patent data and analytics, but why is patent data so important? And why should it be a compulsory part of students’ education?
There are many reasons why we consider patent data to be so important, first of all for inventors patents provide incentives for their inventions.
Secondly, the incentives encourage innovation which enhances the quality of human life.
Thirdly, patent data enables researchers and students to look at past developments and improve them, thereby not reinventing the protected inventions. Patent data is readily available via many free and commercial databases; however, not many students and researchers tend to use it at university level.
This year Aalbun took the initiative of introducing their latest innovative patent analytics platform, a platform that provides patent data for analysing technology developments.
Aalbun has also just launched their movement – “Driving innovation through early exposure to patent data ” where Aalbun is giving out trials for all university students and inventors to use the database for a longer trial period. Allbun’s CEO Christian Bunke says “patent data is super important for driving new inventions so Aalbun analytics would be a great platform for students to use for their research, our motive is to democratise Intellectual Property and its use”.
Aalbun Analytics is an extensive patent, trademark and technology database that is powered by software that makes it easy to build custom dashboards that map innovation in your areas of interest. You can chart trends over time, drill down into technology classes and benchmark data against your competitors. With access to a database of 100+ million patents from 90 filing authorities, never miss a beat again when it comes to innovation in your sector.
Albun Analytics was first launched with the University of Cambridge, where the Engineering department of the university used the database for nearly a year. The database was used by many students and researchers and was highly recommended by the users.
“Students, but also SMEs need to be better educated about the role of IP for innovation and be trained to use IP data. Aalbun Analytics is a new and fantastic tool for that.” – Dr Frank Tietze (Associate professor in Technology and Innovation Management)
As a part of the movement Aalbun Analytics was also introduced to all the universities in Sri Lanka via the world bank initiative where Aalbun offered the database to all University students and researchers which covers more than 30 universities and research institutes to increase innovation in the country via innovation departments at universities in Sri Lanka.
Albuns ultimate vision is to educate the world of inventors and innovators on the use of IP data.