Mexico Bariatric Center Celebrates 10th Anniversary

CALIFORNIA, October 13th 2022 – This October, Mexico Bariatric Center® (MBC) celebrates its 10th anniversary as the leader in the medical tourism industry. Since opening the doors in 2012, CEO Ron Elli, Ph.D., and the MBC team have helped over 20,000 patients change their lives with effective weight loss surgeries.

MBC has risen to be one of the world’s most experienced and trusted bariatric facilitators in Tijuana, Mexico. They have established an elite network between their board-certified surgeons and the bariatric-specialized hospital, fully equipped with an intensive care unit (ICU), to guarantee patients the safest, most comfortable weight loss experience.
10 Years of Helping People Change Their Lives
Weight loss surgery has helped treat obesity-related conditions like type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and joint pain. MBC patients have achieved excellent results thanks to an experienced medical team and modern surgical techniques provided in a state-of-the-art facility.
Due to the overwhelming demand for obesity-fighting solutions, the company has focused on providing patients with extraordinary care before and after surgery, including a proprietary nutrition plan and U.S.-based medical support.
MBC’s phenomenal success and knowledge have garnered the attention of medical professionals across the world who travel to train with MBC’s team of gastroenterologists.
Inside Mexico Bariatric Center
Based in Folsom, California, MBC’s success results from a highly qualified team of surgeons and staff committed to delivering the best possible care to all kinds of patients. Unlike other facilities, MBC has performed complex procedures on patients with extremely high BMI (body mass index) levels of over 100+.
Georgina, the Director of Patient Outreach at MBC, shares that it has been remarkable seeing such an amazing team help improve the lives of thousands of patients.
Martin, Director of Medical Research at MBC, shares his experience, “It’s always rewarding to talk to and hear from past patients. They have more confidence, can get off their medications, and have a better quality of life. It reminds me every day how vital MBC is.”
Since 2012, Dr. Ron Elli and his team have helped over 20,000 patients have life-changing surgery. This work is very important and shows its impact on so many lives.
Brand New Bariatric Center
MBC has invested over $10 million in a brand new state-of-the-art center in Mexico to provide better healthcare for patients and strengthen the commitment of doctors and nurses. Featuring 3 floors and 56 rooms specifically created for bariatric patients. It is equipped with the newest modern medical technology. Projected to open in January 2023.

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