White Collar Crime in 2022

White collar crimes are estimated to make up 3% of federal prosecutions in 2022. While white-collar crimes are down over the past decade, the level of accusations has not slowed. There are an estimated 5,000 white-collar crime-related arrests for every 100,000 individuals living in the United States.

While less and less of the accused are being prosecuted and found guilty, the accusations alone are enough to ruin brands, businesses, or individuals. The accusers face a menial fine and potential jail time, while the accused stand to lose everything they spent their lives working toward.

Duncan Levin, of Levin & Associates, PLLC, understands this all too well. Often, individuals may be accused of a crime that took no part in it or had no intention of taking part in it. These individuals are victims and stand to lose their company, have their names tarnished, and any future growth squashed.

Social Media Effects

Being accused of a white-collar crime, or any crime, is difficult to digest. It can seem like the only way to clear the air is to take to the public and fight for your business and brand. However, understanding your rights and what to do next should be of the most paramount. Never allow feelings to take over, as this could lead to you making a mistake that you will not only regret but could be used against you in a negative manner.

Duncan Levin advises the first step to take when being accused, investigated, or charged is to find an experienced white-collar crime attorney. This allows you to understand your rights, gain an idea of next steps, and whether a press release or announcement should be made on social channels on your behalf. Everything shared on social media can be used in court. When in doubt, it’s always better to be quiet.

Protect Yourself

When tackling and issue of this magnitude, hire only the most experienced white-collar crime attorney to take on your defense. While the assumption of “innocent until proven guilty” is a principle within the United States legal system, the high burden of proof required is in your legal team’s hands, where the bar for accusations is very low. Protecting your assets, company, and name are of the utmost importance, not just in a court of law but also in the court of public opinion.

Levin & Associates have cut their teeth on such cases, building their reputation and trial experience. They’ve represented the biggest of the big names and made appearances in the Wall Street Journal, CNN, CNBC, and Rolling Stone magazine.

Through years of litigating, strategizing, and planning, Duncan Levin and his well-equipped team of associates have evolved into one of the most recognized and reputable white-collar attorneys in the game.