European Golfers on the Rise

New research shows that the number of golfers in Europe has risen to almost 10 million. The study’s findings are significant because they reveal that the number of “freelance” golfers in Europe is greater than the number of “club member” golfers, providing fresh insight into the sport.

General Secretary of the European Golf Association, Michael Thannhäuser, said this about the study: “Although the results are outstanding, there is no space for complacency regarding expanding the sport and guaranteeing its longevity.”

England (up by 63,500) and Sweden by 40,000 are the two markets with the most significant increases in registered golfers, up by 54,000.

A Glimpse of Golf in Europe and the United Kingdom

Golf is a popular sport throughout Northern Europe, including France, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Like other regions, Europe organizes tournaments, although they are typically smaller than those in the United Kingdom.

Golf has a huge following in the United Kingdom, especially in England and Scotland, with over 2,000 golf courses and frequent wagering on sporting events. Both nations have hosted prestigious events, including the British Open. In addition, Scotland, the birthplace of modern golf, is home to the Old Course at St. Andrews, which is thought to be the world’s oldest golf course. Unfortunately, those who choose to play golf in the United Kingdom will need to get used to playing in challenging or hostile circumstances.

Evidently, golf is famous around the globe. The United States is the largest golfing nation, yet the United Kingdom is where the game originated. Regardless of where you play, there are thousands of beautiful golf courses and many events to enjoy.

Nine countries, mainly developing golfing nations, had increased registered golfers by over 30%; Latvia and Belarus witnessed increases of over 150%.

Iceland 17%, Scotland 11%, England 8%, and Ireland 7% have the highest number of golfers in the world.

Registering golfers in Europe has remained reasonably consistent at 8%, while the number of juniors playing the game has climbed to more than 350,000.

Junior golf registrations are highest in Sweden (61,839), England (45,304), and Germany (41,212).

What caused the dramatic increase in European Golfers?

There have been several positive developments in golf in recent years. In the past two years, the rule book was revised to provide faster formats, fewer regulations, and more flexible ways to play.

Despite the pandemic, golf has been a sport that has been played safely. People could get out of the house and exercise even when under lockdown was a massive boon to our emotional and physical well-being.

DP World Tour and PGA TOUR Alliance

By announcing a ground-breaking new 13-year operational joint venture collaboration, the DP World Tour and the PGA TOUR have taken steps to dramatically improve their current alliance and assist nurturing players in competing at the summit of men’s professional golf.

The PGA TOUR Commissioner, Jay Monahan, commented on the news of the extended alliance, saying, and “It was evident from the start that our Strategic Partnership with the European Tour Group was a compelling arrangement for both sides.

To bring our respective organizations and memberships closer together and to innovate to present golf fans across the globe with the most exciting and engaging game possible, we will continue working together on a global calendar and significant commercial areas.

Additionally, the combined efforts of both Tours to increase prize money and commercial income will help players across the board and pave the way for the tremendous future strategic potential for all players on both Tours.

As part of the DP World Tour title partnership agreement, the DP World Tour has promised its members yearly prize money growth above and above the record 2022 levels for the next five years.

The new partnership will provide a well-defined route for the world’s best golfers and give professionals on both Tours more opportunities to compete.

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