52% of women experience menopause hair loss – 5 hair care tips from UK’s Leading Vegan hair brand

LONDON, October 24th 2022 – October is the official Menopause Awareness Month.

One of the many issues which arise for women during the menopause years is hair loss, caused by the decreased production of oestrogen and progesterone.

A study conducted this year by Thai researchers found 52% of women they sampled experienced hair loss or thinning, as a result of their hormone levels changing.

60% of the participants, in the Chulalongkorn University study, suffered low self-esteem due to the changes.

The founder of the UK’s leading vegan hair brand has experienced hair loss over the years herself, which prompted her to look for natural solutions to hair regrowth and ongoing hair care.

Ekwy Chukwuji-Nnene’s brand, Equi Botanics, avoids using all known toxic ingredients in their products, to eliminate the chances of harmful effects and to help stimulate growth safely.

Ekwy understands, first hand, the challenges that women face when experiencing hair loss and she hopes these natural tips will reduce the effects and help women’s hair recover:

1. Hormonal balance – trying to balance your hormone levels is important – taking menopausal supplements containing black cohosh, ashwagandha and don quai can help replicate oestrogen in the body. Eating fermented tofu, tempeh and fermented soy products also help in the same manner.

2. Nutritional needs – during menopause the body suffers from immense strain and it requires plenty of protein-based products to help combat this, along with increase water intake. Fish oils, flax seeds and vitamins, including A, K and B complex are important tools to tackle this.

3. Reduce Stress on mind & hair – although not easy, try to reduce the amount of stress you’re under in life. Your stress levels will already be increased by the hormonal changes and stress affects hair thickness, so partaking in stress reliving practices, such as yoga, mindfulness, long easy works and time in nature is really important. It’s also important to reduce the amount of stress you put your hair under – use less heat, more natural products and minimise the amount of traction related hair styles.

4. Liver function – the liver maintains blood quality and synthesises the hormones. During menopause it experiences a heightened level of stress. To combat this, don’t put it under further strain – reduce your caffeine intake, reduce salt and high sugar products, particularly processed foods. Try using herbs, such as milk thistle to draw out toxins from the liver, drink celery juice and a small glass of cloudy apple juice – all of these help the liver and digestive issues.

5. Thyroid function – if your hair is falling out very quickly or you notice your eyebrows thinning at the ends, then this could be an indication that your thyroid is suffering. In these cases it’s best to get a check over from your local doctor.

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