New digital arts festival will support mental health charities

A new digital arts festival featuring more than 50 creatives has been set up to support three mental health charities.

Street photographer Matt Strong created the ‘Everyone+Everything’ event to mark 20 years since he was diagnosed with schizophrenia.

The festival is bursting at the seams with inspirational sessions curated specially for it, including interviews, DJ sets, live music performances, poetry readings, music production walk-throughs, comedy sketches and films.

Viewers can expect to be entertained by graphic artist Anthony Burrill, genre-bending AV artists The Light Surgeons, comedian Daman Bamrah, fine artist Mia Cavaliero, and many more.

Proceeds will support the work of three UK leading mental health charities that are close to Matt’s heart – CALM, SANE and Maudsley Charity.

Creative director Matt said: “I am still here to tell my story, which drives me to make these types of projects, for positive mental health awareness and to fight the stigma of mental illness.

“The festival was curated carefully by myself and it’s a true representation of what I’m about, where I have been and who I have connected with in my life.

“It’s as much about supporting the charities as it is about supporting the incredible creatives I know personally and recognising their potential together in one safe place for expression.

“All three of the charities are delighted to be involved.”

Viewers will be able to access the festival via all platforms – and are guaranteed to enjoy a festival that English weather can’t spoil.

All proceeds gained through donations will be split equally between the three charities at the end of the festival’s run which is March 31, 2023.

Matt added: “I made my first donation of £1000 when I started up in the Summer but now the pot has reached £2000, I really want to get things rolling and make this a huge event. I have a goal of reaching £3000 by the end of March.

“The future of the project could be an exciting one as I’m hoping that once the digital festival has finished, we will be able to set up a live version of the event to raise even more money for these great causes.”

“Anyone who has already donated will get unlimited access to the live version of Everyone+Everything for a series of events in a physical location.”

Visitors wishing to see the digital festival can make a donation via the festival’s PayPal link:

after which a password will then be sent out for access to the event here:

Guests will also receive a special limited-edition wristband.

The press can get access to everyone+everything if requested.

For more information, visit:

@everyonepluseverything – Instagram

@mattstrongldn – Twitter and personal Instagram


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