Big Eyes Sets to Create More Crypto Millionaires Than Elrond And Solchicks Through Its Charity And Community Incentives

Despite the number of crypto projects entering this space, only a few place the interests of their members at heart. It is essential to incentivize community members because they help the project thrive by being active.

Meme coin projects that entirely rely on community members understand the need for an active crypto community. Of all meme coin projects in this space, only Big Eyes has dedicated its resources to helping others.

Big Eyes entered this space with a plan to enrich members of its crypto community. This kind of goal is hard to find in the crypto space. However, Big Eyes has set protocols that reward all token holders with amazing passive rewards over time.

This article will review the Big Eyes ecosystem and highlight its accomplishments. After that, we will compare Elrond and Solchicks with Big Eyes.

Big Eyes: Operating On Ethereum To Create The Best Meme Coin Project

Big Eyes promises to be the best meme project once it launches. It will not be like other meme projects that do not have definite goals. As opposed to this, Big Eyes promises to be evidence-based and goal-oriented.

One of the Big Eyes’ goals includes being a unique meme project. It accomplishes this by going against every meme coin norm in this space. First, it dumps the popular Doge meme that inspires most meme coin projects. On the contrary, it adopts a cat as its source of inspiration.

This Big eyed cat meme serves as its logo and a guide for how the project is designed. This cute cat will also power its unique NFT marketplace. Skilled NFT designers will receive exclusive ownership and royalties when they mint cat NFTs on the platform.

Accomplishments Of Big Eyes Since The Start Of Its Presale

Big Eyes is still in its presale; however, it is taking significant steps to prove its worth. Big Eyes promises to be a project that supports charity organizations. So far, it has donated lots of funds to various charity organizations.

The first donation was made in August 2022 to the Luna Children charity. Members of its crypto community helped raise this amount by interacting with a tweet it made. Members of its community also directed subsequent donations.

In addition to making donations to charity organizations, Big Eyes is also giving its community members loads of reward opportunities. It regularly hosts giveaways for members of its crypto community.

Big Eyes loves its crypto community; this is why it always creates opportunities for them to participate in its operations. To keep in touch with its community, it has been active on many social media platforms.

Big Eyes will also launch its merch store, featuring physical and digital items. This store will feature tons of branded items to allow its members to show their support for the meme project.

Big Eyes Next To Elrond And Solchicks

Non-fungible tokens are the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. It has been integrated into almost all crypto projects. Solchicks has leveraged these fantastic features to power its GameFi platform.

Solchicks operates on Solana and allows its users to interact with its metaverse. Like Big Eyes, it leverages cute chicks as NFT-like avatars to grant access to its GameFi platforms. These Solchicks can be traded for fantastic crypto rewards.

Elrond shares similar features as Solchicks and Big Eyes as it operates on a proof-of-stake blockchain. With Elrond, crypto users can enjoy fast and cheap transactions.

Elrond utilizes an adaptive state Sharding protocol to cut down transaction processing time. With the recent Ethereum merge, Big Eyes users will enjoy significantly reduced transaction fees and duration.

Buy Big Eyes Tokens

BIG tokens are yet to hit public DEX and CEX; however, you can buy them from the Big Eyes presale portal. To access this presale, visit on your PC or smartphone and connect your funded crypto wallet. ETH, BNB, and USDT tokens can be used to purchase the presale.

After connecting the wallet to the portal, input how much you’d buy and approve the transaction. Early adopters will be rewarded for buying the tokens during the presale.


Big will be unique as it sets a new trend in the meme verse. Its introduction will challenge Dogecoin, the first dog-themed meme project. Eventually, it will become the meme project other developers imitate to create new projects. Hit the button below to be taken to the Big Eyes website!